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Nov 23, 2012

The Nun Salad


Let's start with the basics. Ms. Russo is a family friend who I've known almost my whole life. I went to school with her daughter, Anna, and we were in many activities together. Ms. Russo lives downtown in the lofts "Southside on Lamar" Whenever Ms. Russo goes out of town for business my sister watches her loft and checks on her dogs. This past Fourth of July, while she was out of town, she let one me have a party at her loft. Goodness, y'all, you haven't seen a Fourth of July Firework show until you watch them on the roof of the "Old Sear Tower" over looking downtown Dallas. Durin' the party one of my bestfrans, Sherry, made the most delicious salad. After months of naggin', she finally gave me the recipe. Fast-forward to this Thanksgiving were my Grandma Johnnie put us in charge of desserts and the salad.  I was to tickled because this was the perfect opportuinty to finally make the salad.  I'm sure your family will love this salad as much as mine did. My momma enjoyed it so much that she even forgot her manners a few times. (Shh! Don't tell her I told y'all)
Now that I've yammered on long enough, here is the recipe.

2 bags of Sprig Lettuce Mix
Small container of Feta Cheese
Small bog of Croutons (I used the Texas Toast Style)
Small container of Strawberries
Three small cups of Mandarin Oranges
Small bag of dried Cranberries
Small bag of Pecans
Poppy Seed Dressing (to taste)
You can do each plate separately or add all the ingredients together in a large salad bowl.
1. Start by adding the salad mix to a large bowl.
2. Cut the Strawberries to the size that you want and add them to the lettuce.
3. Add the Pecans and Cranberries. I bought Pecans that were already chopped. But go ahead and chop yours if need be
       4. Drain the juice from the Mandarin Oranges and add them to the salad. (Personally I like to pour the juice In a cup so I can drink it later)
5. Sprinkle the Feta Cheese on top and then add the Croutons.
6. Now the salad is ready to be tossed.
7. Drizzle the dressing on top. I prefer not to put the dressing on the salad and let each person decide if they want it on their plate instead.

Note: A few of the items in the salad will make the lettuce and croutons soggy quicker. I suggest making the salad last and not adding the dressing until you are ready to serve the salad. 
You could also add a protein such as baked chicken and have a complete meal.

And if you're wondering about the name of the salad, then here you go. Sherry works for Jesus, literally. She was at an event when a Nun gave her the recipe. Obviously she forgot to ask the name of the salad. So it's now "The Nun Salad."


  1. YUM! Your pictures look so good! I would like that salad for lunch! I will be trying this! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Really, good-looking salad. I too will be making it, sooner than later.


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