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Hey girl hey, let's be frans! I get asked all the time how I came up with the name Glitz & Grits. I like to think Glitz & Grits is the essence of me.
Glitz: The people, places, stories and things that make up my South. Grits: The food. 
When I first started bloggin' I thought I would be a food blogger. I would take photos of the things I made in post them in a FB album I titled, "Domestic Hobo." Family and frans would comment, like etc the pics and always ask for the recipes. Some even boasted that they would read if I started a blog. Then along came Pinterest. Many pins later and I was all, "I could do this. All she post is salads." My original blog  had the tagline, Glitz & Grits ... Addin' a little glitz to your grits. It was a sayin' I had heard my grandma say in the kitchen. Sad part is in her old age she probably doesn't even remember sayin' it. When I decided to branch out and encompass all things that represents my life here in not only Texas but the South the blog was shortened to Glitz & Grits.Sometimes I think I dash people's ideas when I explain this to them and tell them most post are written late at night in my Pj's. But, yes I usually have a glass of sweet tea next to me or I'm chompin' on a bowl of instant grits. See, there's that.

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