Dec 16, 2017

Kids Fit Menu Day

Inspired. Inspired is the only way to describe spending the day with the student chefs participating in Kids Fit Menu Day. Kids Fit Menus are healthy menu options for children at participating local restaurants. Recipes made for kids by kids or teenagers you could call them in partnership with Medical City Children's Hospital. Kids teaching Kids.

Student Chefs must be in a high school culinary program and apply to be a part of the Kids Fit Menu day competition. Student Chefs partner with a restaurant and are tasked with making an entree and dessert that not only uses the fresh ingredients the restaurant has but meet specific dietary guidelines. Childhood obesity is on the rise and Kids Fit Menu Day aims to help change that. 

Students Chefs work with their teammates, Culinary Teachers, as well as a Registered Dietitian and the restaurant to create these menu items and detail reports, are compiled so that the restaurants can take them back and try them in their test kitchens. A panel of chefs and executives from the participating restaurants are on hand to judge, give advice and even critique the dish for the inspiring chefs. Each restaurant panel featured a child would potentially be a customer and the target audience of the menu. After all, can you have a dish for kids if you don't have a child offer their opinion?

I spent my time at Kids Fit Menu Day watching the students compete to have their dish featured at On The Border. Inspired by a young lady who was the only student chef to quaily for the competition without a team. She hailed from Mansfield Highschool. It was just her, and her teacher as her sous chef. I got to speak with her teacher after the competition was over and he beamed with pride. Listening to her talk about the concept of her dish as well as the nutritional value and steps taken to achieve the recipe left me with a smile on my face.

Having a healthy meal nightly growin' up was the norm for me. It wasn't till I got older in worked in the public school system that I began to realize this wasn't the case for all students. And honest times it isn't for lack of trying. Families are busier than ever, and havin' a healthy option for children at restaurants is a must.

I was a little sad that the winner wasn't announced at the end of the Kids Fit Menu Day. After spending the day meeting some of the student chefs and watching them I became invested in their dishes as well as their success. I will be following up to see who is chosen.

To see all of the restaurants participating in Kids Fit Menu click here.

Dec 7, 2017

Dallas: Best Bloody Mary Brunches

Chef Point best bloody marys brunches in dallas
"A brunch without champagne is just a sad little breakfast.  Say, it again with me: A brunch without champagne is just a sad little breakfast. Now, that Y'all have uttered life’s mantra, let’s talk about my favorite meal of the weekend.  In Dallas, we brunch: Anyone who knows me knows that’s my life’s motto, my life’s blood. Ok, maybe I am bein’ larger than life and exaggeratin’, but hey I’m from Texas and Y'all get the point. Let’s be truthful for a second cause brunch is a very real thing here in North Texas. We plan our weekends around it. We’re not talkin’ we show up late to breakfast. We’re talkin’ restaurants that have menus and days dedicated to this weekend past time. For obvious reasons, most of the questions I get via the blog are Texas related, but when it comes to Dallas, I get more questions around Dallas brunch than I do anythin’ else. When I started puttin’ the list together, I realized everythin’ is my favorite, and I brunch far more often than I should. Here is the Glitz & Grits: Best Brunch spots in Dallas."

Those are the words I wrote April 5th of 2016. You can read the full DALLAS: BEST BRUNCH PLACES by clickin' that pretty pink link. Since the post went live all those months ago not only has it been seen by thousands but it's sparked the need for a repeat. So I give, Y'all, Dallas: Best Bloody Mary Brunches.

Bloody Mary, the lesser know drink of choice at brunch, was founded by Fernand Petiot in the 1920's. Earnest Hemmingway was a frequent visitor to the bar Petiot created the first Bloody Mary. Would we expect anythin' less of Earnest?
Let's get to the list, shall we?

Chef Point: Watauga TX
Chef Point located in Watauga, TX was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and also pictured above is famous for its fine dining in a gas station. Yes, you heard that right. Fine dining at a gas station. That's their claim to fame. Make sure you get a little bread pudding to go with your bloody mary. And if Bloody Mary's are not your thing they have a mimosa flight that's worth the mileage.

Blue Goose Cantina: multiple locations but most notable Lower Greenville.
Saturday- Sunday from 10 to 3 is when you can find this delicious Bloody Mary bar open. Might I suggest the Lower Greenville location and the Migas?

Farnando's: Multiple locations
A few Junior League Ladies introduced me to Fernando's at our monthly brunch. Can you tell I love Tex-Mex?  I mean I am a Texan. Not only are Fernando's Bloody Mary's a great addition to their brunch but their worth their price size.

Moxies Bar & Grill: The Crescent in Uptown
Moxies Bar & Grill is a Canadian restaurant that has made way to the US. in the form of Dallas in Houston. Located in The Crescent neighborhood of Uptown parking is comped. A wraparound patio makes it perfect for the warmer weather. A good burger and craft beer is their specialty. Another specialty is their Bloody Mary. Use their extensive website see all their deals and local drink and dish specials.
Ozona best bloody marys brunches in dallas
Ozona:  Lower Greenville
"Ozona is my favorite place with a mimosa deal. That beautiful you see above was $10. Yes, Y'all heard me right, and it was $10. Ozona also has a nice and expansive patio area that's great in the fall to brunch and watch football. What more could a Texan need? Nothin', I tell you. If you happen to swing by, I recommend anythin' Tex-Mex."

I know Y'all looked at that large pitcher of Mimosa and wondered what it had to do with Bloody Mary's. Truthfully I needed Y'all to understand how unique Ozona is. Now, if you know, they can do a Mimosa deal that good their bloody mary's must be worth your time.  Well, they have a bloody mary bar with all the toppings ones heart could desire.

Boulevardier:  Bishop Arts 
Lox is my favorite thing to eat for brunch. It's the Mississippi in me. Havin' a mom who was born there and a Paw Paw who still resides there. I grew up on Lox and find myself orderin' it every chance I can get. A lox and bloody mary is the perfect combination. 

Meddlesome Moth: Design District
A gastropub is known for its small plates, and extensive draught beer menu is an eclectic bar in the heart of the Trinity Design District. Make sure to look at the board for the latest seasonal and menu deals.

Smoke Dallas best bloody marys brunches in dallas

Smoke: Design District
Tim Bryes,  award-winning cookbook author, and owner/ Head Chef brings flare to BBQ. Featured in many print and online publications Smoke's award-winning bloody mary is a favorite among guest. 

State and Allen: Uptown
5 dollar bloody mary bar. Need I say more? And for those keepin' scores, this is the only bloody mary bar in Uptown.

Saint Ann Restaurant Bar Garden: Hardwood 
With the largest garden patio in Dallas, Saint Ann built in 1927 host the Samurai collection on the second floor. Popular dining spot for special occasions and events. And with an 8 dollar price tag for its bloody mary, it can't be beaten. 
Anvil Pub f*brunch best bloody marys brunches in dallas
Anvil Pub f*brunch best bloody marys brunches in dallas

Anvil Pub: Deep Ellum 
Located in Deep Ellum Anvil Pub is known for its f* brunch invention. Can we say Mimosa or bloody mary with food on the side.

el bolero best bloody marys brunches in dallas 
el bolero best bloody marys brunches in dallas
El bolero: Oak Lawn
Bloody mary bars everywhere. It's nice when a restaurant is not only eclectic in design but serves good brunch and allows for a bloody mary bar. Inspired but the shoeshiners across Mexico El Bolero aims to show these diverse cultures and flavors of cuisine here in Dallas.

Need more coffee recomendations? See COFFEE

Dec 5, 2017

The Morning After Brunch Presale

Exclusive Presale Opportunity 
Tickets will be available for purchase to the public on December 8th at 10am. However, we would like to offer you access to an exclusive presale code that you can share with your networks!

Exclusive Presale: December 5(10am) - December 8(10am)
Public On saleDecember 8th at 10am


The Morning After, A Dallas Observer Brunch Event 2018
After a SOLD OUT inaugural event, the Dallas Observer is excited to invite you to join us on Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 11:00AM – 2:30PM at the Dallas Farmers Market as we celebrate the 2nd Annual The Morning After, A Dallas Observer Brunch Event presented by Whole Foods Market.

The Morning After is a Brunch Sampling event that will feature bites from local brunch hot spots, alongside drink samples & music — this is one weekend brunch you won't want to sleep through!

Unlimited Samples From:
Ascension Coffee
Chombos Greenville.AVE
City Council Restaurant & Bar
Cook Hall - Dallas
Dandelion Cheesecakes
Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard
Full Circle Tavern
Harlowe MXM
Hash House a Go Go
House of Blues Dallas
Knife Dallas
Kozy Kitchen
Luckys Cafe
Meso Maya
Mijas Taqueria
Sundown at Granada

VIP Admission Tickets Include: 
Entry into the event 30 minutes earlier than general admission (entry at 11:00am) for early unlimited brunch samples from Dallas’ hottest brunch spots before the general public. Alongside 8 brunch cocktails, champagne or beer samples! Enjoy Complimentary Welcome Drink & VIP Gift Bag upon entry. PLUS access to VIP lounge with exclusive VIP only brunch samples, VIP Private Bar, as well as VIP restrooms.

All Tickets Include: 
Entry into the event at 11:30am, unlimited brunch samples from Dallas' hottest brunch spots, alongside 8 brunch cocktails, champagne or beer samples! Additional drink sampling cards available for purchase at the event.

All guests must be 21+ with a Valid I.D. Rain or Shine #MorningAfterDAL

Dec 1, 2017

#CopperMakesItBetter: PassionFruit Copper 16 cocktail

Dallasite: No, not the breccia made of quartz. Dallasite: A native of Dallas. What makes ones a Dallasite you ask?

  • You don't mind traffic. 
  • The Dallas Cowboys are your team.
  • Brunch is your favorite meal of the weekend
  • Taking selfies of yourself as the letter I in BIG isn't uncommon.
  • You know the pain of a toll road bill.
  • Anything below 80 degrees is cold. 
  • Your pantry's littered with Whataburger Spicy Ketchup packets. 
  • The best Happy hour depends on the best neighborhood. 
  • A well-crafted cocktail is your love language. 

If you said yes to all those things and more you may just be ready to be called a Dallasite.

A well-crafted cocktail is a staple to bein' a proper Dallasite and who knows that better than Absolut Elyx (link) and their copper catalyzation process to give the vodka a smooth taste you'll love. Sippin' this or servin' this on your next adventure will make you well on your way to the Dallas lifestyle.

#CopperMakesItBetter is somethin' every Dallasite knows as you enter any establishment in Dallas and see they have the same commitment. So, sit down make a few and enjoy.

3 Parts Absolut Elyx
3 Parts fresh passion fruit puree or juice
1 part homemade vanilla cordial
Fresh Passionfruit or Mint

1.   Combine all ingredients in a copper cup over crushed ice.
2. Top with champagne. 
3. Garnish with fresh passionfruit or mint.

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