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Consider this my disclosure page for Glitz & Grits so I'm all compliant with FTC.
While Glitz & Grits is: A Texas Southern lifestyle brand, it is also a blog written by, Aleshea Dominique. 
I could be all, "follow suit", and write the standard text but I won't. Let's be honest. Sometimes companies/people wanna be my fran. Sometimes bein' my fran means they give me cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions, free products, or other forms of compensation. But don't worry cause those things always come with my own sass and grit. Ya, know, like I'm still honest even though they wanna be my fran. I'm probably drinkin' a glass of sweet tea or eat a bowl of grits while doin' so. 

No, I ain't gonna give out your info or sign you up for anythin' without your permission. Why? Cause tha't ain't cute and I wouldn't want it done to me. 

Now go bring me some sweet tea. But really, I'll take that as a form of payment.