Daddy always said, " More room on the outside than the inside!" |

Jul 3, 2013

Daddy always said, " More room on the outside than the inside!"

Oh my goodness y'all. This morning I had a doc appointment with the seester. I was freaking out cause the doc was about to poke and prode me. But all is well. 

Y'all wondering where the title came from? This older lady in the waiting room couldn't stop farting as she got up to see the doc. Of course the seester and I couldn't stop laughing. Y'all, we were cackling we were laughing so hard. 

But really I just wanna tell y'all a story cause these things only happen to me. So this afternoon my Momma asked me to run some errands for her. She gave me the Girl Scout credit card as well as her debit card. Obviously I LOST her debit card somewhere in the mall. I call my Momma after retracing my steps all over the mall and the stores I went to, to see if I left her card at home. Of course I hand't and she's yelling for me to find her card so I can pick up dinner. I go BACK to Charlotte Rousee and what do I see in the back of the store. Yep, you guessed it; a debit card. I was so excited I was running in the store. I get to the back only to realize it ain't my Monma's debit card but some lady names Jessica. Only I would find some random ladies card as im looking for mine. I take it to the counter and they thank me for turning it in. As I'm leaving the cashier goes, " Thanks for turning in the card. That lady was freaking out. Maybe it will help you find your card " 

Whelp, it didn't. My Momma had to cancel her card and now I'm sitting in the hot car waiting for my sister to get off work. And yes I'm hungry cause I just spent over an hour in the hot sun looking for a red debit card. 

So that was my day. What y'all do today? 

Ohh, and thanks for all the prayers. The seester has been out the hospital for a few days and doing much better. 



  1. My day was lame. Babysat. but LOL about the lady farting in the drs office!

  2. WHAT are the odds? One time a lady left dropped her card in the store in a deep ass cardboard box while she was bending over. However, she SWORE she had given it to Silas and that he kept it. He was like, "Ma'am, I'd have no reason to take your card until you bought somethin, and you didn't buy anything." Crazy B. I didn't find it until weeks later and we sho did call her and make her feel silly for accusin' us of bein' thieves. :(

  3. Hey! I stumbled across your blog through Simply Clarke's page, on the "Wildcard Wednesdays" blog hop! I love your blog, it is so cute! I am looking forward to following your adventures :) be sure to check out my blog at

    -Jess @ Forever Convinced

  4. Sorry about the debit card....its so stressful when that happens!


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