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Sep 7, 2014



I've been dreaming big lately- about how nice it would be to see the blogging community in the community. So, I'm thrilled to present this nationwide blog meet up with a purpose: #givethanksgiveback. Here’s how it works:

I’m looking for (at least) one blogger per state to step up as a leader – your job will be to plan a charitable blog meet up for the month of November – run a canned food drive, serve lunch at a soup kitchen, serve others wherever you feel passionate about giving back! Each leader will display a master post in October linking to each state’s event info. All throughout the month, bloggers can access the information and sign up for November’s event. All are welcome to link up about their experiences after their event.

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Here is the timeline:

Sept 8-13 – Sign ups for state leaders.
Oct 3 – Leaders must have November event scheduled and turned in for the master listing.
Oct 6 – All leaders post master listing to their blogs and post about their specific event between now and 10/10.
November – Meet up and give back by Thanksgiving! Blog about it and link up. Link up will be live 11/1-12/7.

I hope you're as excited as I am! Come back Monday if you're ready to take charge. Or, come back on 10/6 to find an event near you so you can also #givethanksgiveback!

SIDENOTE: I am the leader for Texas but we could deff have more givebacks in other parts of the state since I am in the Dallas area. Drop me a line if you are interested and helpin' out. We already have a few people on the list for Dallas and I'd love for y'all to join us. 


  1. This is a great idea! Way to put this together!

  2. That's a great idea! I don't think I could commit to organizing anything but I know quite a few bloggers in my area of Minnesota who might be able to.

  3. Great idea! Such an awesome way to give back and show thanks!

  4. Great idea and it comes at a perfect time!

  5. What a really cool idea! And an excellent opportunity to get to know fellow bloggers!

  6. Amazing idea! This will definitely show that the blogging community does more than people think! <3

  7. This sounds like a great idea! I hope you are able to make it succeed.

  8. This is so cool!! Let me know if I can help :)

    1. Of course you can help! Are you willing to plan an event in your state? Or join in if someone else plans one? Sharing this also helps us tremendously.

  9. what a great idea...i'm down for anything in north texas :)

  10. What a neat idea! Go texas gals :)

  11. What a great idea! I love it.

  12. This is a fantastic idea, hopefully it pulls together :)


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