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Feb 6, 2015

I'm going back down south now

A jumbled excerpt from my journal:
Did I really just off road to get in here? And man that front porch is massive and swoon worthy. My boots move as the worn wood creaks beneath my feet. Each person greeted with the same smile and Texas charm. It's as if all the locals a little left or right of center have found a home. A safe haven out here in the boonies, the stix, 25 miles from Dallas. Are you a coffee snob he ask? No, I reply. I'm just tryin' to shop more local. Can my daily Starbucks run really make me a coffee snob? The Barista smiles. I'm welcomed in the club.  
10-31st of January shall be known as the lost years. To uninspired to daily journal. I sit here in a local coffee shop house journalin'. I like to think I'm a creative one. But's what's crativity really. All relative to the beholder. Man, I just b.s'ed that sentence like a pro. Makes me think back to my Philosophy of Politics Class fumblin' my way through a post on Aristotle or Plato. Heck, even Socrates. I bonded with the Barista over coffee and cameras. A sweet camera recommendation the apple of my eye. I know I will frequent this place again . Heck, I had to off road to get here. Kings of Leon echos in my background. A lady I can't yet remember her name greets me. She's from church. Elderly. That's neither here nor there. My thoughts jumbled beyond belief. The smiles. The friendly faces. This is the first time I've itched to write in ages. I mean itched to write. Hmmm, looks like camera boys writes. A young couple walks in dressed up. They married this mornin' and came to celebrate with the locals. Everyone cheers and congratulates. I love this place. But, why did I sit by the door? My cold is gonna mature with this draft I'm catchin'. AHHH, I love Kings of Leon. and this latte. I wanna know so much about this place. but I'm so distracted.  This is my favorite Kings of Leon cd. Now, I wanna binge listen before work. But alas I put the pen down. Sat my goodbyes. Thank the bearded man for the free hot chocolate. Leave to continue my day. Inspired more than they'll every know.  


  1. nooo sitting by the door in the wintertime. no, thank you.

  2. How nice of you to share a piece of your journal. I love shopping local, and wish I had a little local coffee shop close by. Stay warm!

  3. There's just no place like the south! I hate when I sit next to the door in the winter.

  4. There's just no place like the south! I hate when I sit next to the door in the winter.

  5. Can I tell you how much I love this and your blog and your instagram? Excuse me while I go be a groupie and read some more of your blog .


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