Good Mornin' Dallas |

Mar 9, 2015

Good Mornin' Dallas


Good mornin' Dallas. A play on words. I'd tried to hard. The Robin Williams movie flashed through my brain. His best. Even if I'd the only one who thought so.

The rainy fog so beautiful. So welcome on a cold winters mornin'. Spring yet to show her beauty. Her warmth and grace. 

The city rushed by. A slow methodic pace. New Yorkers laughed. Southerners cringed. Steady. Fast. In our own Texas way. I stand. Rain pooled around me. Camera in hand. The shot. The shot yet to be determined. I snapped. 

I'd wafted. The warm coffee heated me to my soul my very core. $2 dollars well spent. 

I boreded   

Today. Today I was a tourist in my own town. 


  1. I LOVE Dallas!! I was just there a few weeks ago for the Maroon 5 concert, but I need to plan another trip soon!!

  2. Love your photos! I need to visit Dallas more often!

  3. Cdub and I have been thinking about a move in the next few years and Dallas is on our list! I love the look of your town!

  4. Well, thanks for letting us tour with you! These are shots of a Dallas I haven't seen.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  5. Aww nice!! A poet too! 👍. It's great playing tourist in your own town!

  6. You know I love a good tourist in your own town adventure! Your pictures of Dallas are so pretty--I've never been, but I'll head over to Texas eventually! :)

  7. Love this, the rain makes it look so beautiful!

  8. I love this post. Such a fun idea! I need to be a tourist in my own town.

    Dallas is a great city. I need to visit again. I've been three times and I really like it.


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