Gingerbread House |

Dec 24, 2015

Gingerbread House

By this point I was exasperated. Not a word I use often, but nevertheless it was the narrative of the day. I’m afraid I’ve become repetitive in nature. T’was days before Christmas and I joke to myself this blog outta be renamed, Glitz & Grits: A Southern narrative. As of late is seems to be the path.

I stand in the kitchen with three little ones, frostin’, gingerbread dough and candy everywhere. Rookie mistake I tell myself. You work with kids for a livin’. You outta know by now patience isn’t a virtue for little ones. I mentally slap myself as another piece of candy falls off The Alamo we made. I’d had no intention of bloggin’ or sharin’. I’d just really wanted to finally have a chance to finish this house. I sighed as I looked at the mess around me and each little one tryin’ to sneak another piece of candy off the house. I was to through. I walked over and reached for the pantry door. Grabbin’ the first fresh roll of paper towels I could find. I threw a few sheets at each little one and the cleanin’ commenced. I looked down and quickly realized the paper towel I was usin’ was SCOTT® Brand. I smiled to myself realizin’ the narrative had already been written. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped. 

Crush: I spend a lot of time at Dollar General. It's literally across the street from my house and they always have a good deal goin' on. We buy loads of tissue and paper towel from them as well as sweet tea. We can't forget the sweet tea. Dollar General now has digital online coupons. Y'all know I love me a good coupon. Y'all have heard my stories of how he loved a good coupon and would hold up a check-out line. I'd like to think if he was still around he would appreciate the coupons bein' sent to him and not havin' to cut them out. Y'all go download the app and get to get. I appreciate havin' an app to get coupons, find a local store etc. I'm serious y'all. I lived in Podunk middle of nowhere East Texas for a bit and just about the only store we had was DG. This wouldn't come in handy on my poor college student budget. 

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