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Dec 1, 2017

#CopperMakesItBetter: PassionFruit Copper 16 cocktail

Dallasite: No, not the breccia made of quartz. Dallasite: A native of Dallas. What makes ones a Dallasite you ask?

  • You don't mind traffic. 
  • The Dallas Cowboys are your team.
  • Brunch is your favorite meal of the weekend
  • Taking selfies of yourself as the letter I in BIG isn't uncommon.
  • You know the pain of a toll road bill.
  • Anything below 80 degrees is cold. 
  • Your pantry's littered with Whataburger Spicy Ketchup packets. 
  • The best Happy hour depends on the best neighborhood. 
  • A well-crafted cocktail is your love language. 

If you said yes to all those things and more you may just be ready to be called a Dallasite.

A well-crafted cocktail is a staple to bein' a proper Dallasite and who knows that better than Absolut Elyx (link) and their copper catalyzation process to give the vodka a smooth taste you'll love. Sippin' this or servin' this on your next adventure will make you well on your way to the Dallas lifestyle.

#CopperMakesItBetter is somethin' every Dallasite knows as you enter any establishment in Dallas and see they have the same commitment. So, sit down make a few and enjoy.

3 Parts Absolut Elyx
3 Parts fresh passion fruit puree or juice
1 part homemade vanilla cordial
Fresh Passionfruit or Mint

1.   Combine all ingredients in a copper cup over crushed ice.
2. Top with champagne. 
3. Garnish with fresh passionfruit or mint.

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