Tips for hosting a Big Game Watch Party |

Jan 5, 2018

Tips for hosting a Big Game Watch Party

Football season here in The South can be not only busy but adventurous. A family member against family member. Friend against friend. All hopin' their team shows up and shows out. We call that #SaturdayDownSouth. Tales are told as legends made. And everyone knows you don't plan a weddin' or event on game days. A few years back one of my best friends cousin was gettin' married. She chose to have a fall weddin'. Her dad uttered, " her weddin' better not be on game day or I'm not goin'." HS, College, professional: we watch it all.

Hostin' a Game Day party or tailgate; we're groomed for it. So, naturally, it's time to share some tips for hostin' a party or tailgate for The Big Game.

Let's start from the beginnin', shall we?

The Fans

"The perfect guest never brings an uninvited guest. If your hostess didn't include them on the invite, there is bound to be a reason. And don't be offended when Aunt Sally doesn't invite the new beau when you can't even keep them straight." Those are the words I wrote on a recently on  A SOUTHERNER'S GUIDE TO HOLIDAY ETIQUETTE. But, throw that out the window. Watch parties for The Big Game are always the more, the merrier; If you're the hostess prepare for an additional attendee just politely remind your guest to let you know.

Always remember to be respectful. Being passionate about your football team and the team's success is ok. The banter that is all in good fun is welcome, but it is your job as the hostess to make sure it stays in good fun. As a kid growin' up there would always be watch parties at our house. Whenever "trash talk" would get goin' my Dad had a game outside or a way to distract the younger ones so that all is well.

The Decorations:

It's never a party until you set the mood. Know what two teams are playin'. Decorate and set out paraphernalia based on who made The Big Game. You can always find teams colors and decorations at your local Walmart.

The Location:
 Once you have your decorations, you'll need to have a location big enough to house all your friends and family. Find out what station the game will be played on near you and make sure your place will be capable of airin' the game interruption free.

The Snacks

Everyone knows it isn't a part without the right food. Games can be long and drawn out; especially when the team you want to win isn't doin' so hot. Have plenty of snacks on hand for every type of guest imaginable.

Personally, I find fingers foods work best as they are easy to make on the go. Two of my favorite game day/ tailgating snacks are Lit'l Smokies and bacon wrapped peppers. In college, we used to make the bacon wrapped peppers for every home game. Our tailgate was always a big hit as hungry college students came around.

For the Smokie Skewers, you'll need toothpicks, cheese, and Hillshire Farm Lit'l Smokies ® Smoked Sausage ®.
® Lit
l Smokies
I bought everything at my local Walmart. Cook the Hillshire Farm Lit'l Smokies ® on the stove for a few minutes until brown. Place a piece of cheese in-between two Hillshire Farm Lit'l Smokies ® Smoked Sausage ®.

For the bacon wrapped Peppers, I also bought the ingredients at Walmart. You'll need Wright Brand Bacon ®, peppers, cream cheese or cheddar cheese. Cut the peppers in half long ways and scrape out the middle. This next part is optional, but if you don't want your snack hot, you can soak the pepper in water for thirty minutes to an hour. That takes away some of the kick and makes them easier to eat for oldest down to the smallest that will attend. Heat the bacon in the skillet for a few minutes. Just enough so that it makes the Wright bacon easier to wrap. Fill the peppers with your choice of cream cheese or cheddar cheese. Wrap the peppers with the bacon and hold together with toothpicks. Cook at 350 until the bacon cooks, cheese is melted, and the peppers begin to brown.

What did I miss? What's one tip you think everyone forgets when hostin' a big game party? Everyone knows the best part is always the commercials. What has been your favorite commercial over the years?


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