Cici's Boneless Wings |

Apr 29, 2018

Cici's Boneless Wings

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Every time I think of Cicis, I'm thinking of the story my fourth-grade teacher told us. Ms. A’s first job in high school was at Cicis when the first establishment opened. She always talked fondly of Cicis and would bring it often for parties. She would always joke about how one day she and a few coworkers were messin' around in the kitchen when she spilled some powdered sugar on a Brownie Pizza. They decided to place the powdered sugar brownies out for the customers. By now I'm sure you can tell where this story is going as I'm sure you've seen those delicious powdered sugar brownies anyway.

It's incredible how far Cicis has come as a brand in such a short time. Not just known for their pizza anymore, Cicis does do it all and is a staple in my home.

My newest addiction has become the boneless wings. I mean who doesn't love boneless wings with a side of quality family time. The new boneless wings come in sizes of five, ten and 20 and plenty of delicious flavors. My family enjoys Garlic Parmesan, Mild Buffalo, and BBQ. We do live in Texas, who doesn't love BBQ? You can even get the wings when you dine in.

You know something is good when you have to fight all the little ones running around the house for the last Garlic Parmesan Wing.

I like to think that somewhere Ms. A is retired and enjoying all the new additions to Cicis like their Boneless Wings.

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