May 31, 2018

Hiking Caprock Canyon: Camping with Bison

This post is sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc., but the content and opinions are my own.
Caprock Canyon State Park

I sit on Instagram amazed at their beauty. I'm not a fan of snow, but that doesn't matter. The Bison so majestic I ignore. I snap a screenshot and immediately send out a frantic text.

"Why didn't anyone tell me we had Bison in Texas," I text. "We must camp with them. Y'all know they are my favorite. I want to play with them. They even roam the park."

Jeff is the first to text back. A simple, "ABSOLUTELY NOT." "I value my life he continues. I will not be believin' and achievin' that."

I whimper. We will camp with the Texas State Bison Herd, I reply.

Caprock Canyon State Park

Caprock Canyon State Park

Nine months soldier past and my 30th birthday approaches. Signs cut in the shape of Bison that read Turkey Texas adone the road. The Ford screeches as it rolls past the first cattle guard. I perk up in the front seat camera in hand. I wear the excitement of a kindergartner on her first day of school. The wonder and amazement I dress like a badge of honor. Sign rears into view, "Home of the Official Texas State Bison Herd." are descendants of a herd started by Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight in 1878 during the height of the bison slaughter.

I happily bounce into the Ranger station, ID in hand ready to confirm the reservation and see all the Bison Texas has to offer. We set up camp, loaded up on water and were prepared to hit the trails. We found ourself startin' from the bottom, headed to the top: The upper Canyon trail to be exact. We made quick work of the five miles careful not to slide down the loose limestone and rock from a previous rainstorm. We reach Devil's Peak with ease: content with the vast view of the Texas Panhandle.
Caprock Canyon State Park

Caprock Canyon State Park
Caprock Canyon State Park

Comin' down the Canyon, we took our time, enjoyin' the solitude as we walked to many of the checkpoints on the State Park Map. I found myself bouncin' and bouncin'. I had yet to see a Bison and I was determined to finally come face to face with my favorite animal on my birthday.

Caprock Canyon State Park

Caprock Canyon State Park

We slowly made our way out of the trails and back to camp, I a frown on my face as I told the camera how tired and disappointed I was. It was then I felt Stephanie whack me on my shoulder and motion my silence. She turned to point and there in all its glory stood a baby Bison grazin'. She snatched the camera and snapped.

We made our way back to base camp ready to shower and eat before we slept. Our souls were full but tired from the eight-plus miles we'd just hiked.  Much of the night spent restless as I dreamed of bison wonderin' in our camp.

We woke the next mornin' bound to get on a prairie trail early before we made our way back home. Much of the time spent cryin', and smilin' and picture snappin' as bison after bison followed us along our route.

Caprock Canyon State Park

Tips: Caprock Canyon is in the Panhandle of Texas. The trials are vast and diverse. Make sure not to be in the lower canyon while it rains or at night. The night is when the bison roam the canyon and rain leads to floodin'. None of the trails have water, and the few streams that are available are reserved for the natural wildlife. Make sure to stop by the Ranger Station or Water Spicket and fill up before you embark on any trails Always stay at least 100 yards from the Bison and if you come upon one remember to keep quiet and move slow.

Caprock Canyon State Park

Caprock Canyon State Park
chicken foil pack

chicken foil pack
chicken foil pack

Meals: My favorite part of campin' has always by far been the meals. Summer and Fall spent roamin' Texas and beyond. I still remember my 12-year-old self as I'd just joined a new Girl Scout Troop and the leader was obsessed with foil packs. Tyson® Chicken in foil packs were always her meal of choice. I've found that in my adult quest to venture every Texas State Park if I am not backpackin' and have a basecamp foil packs are my choice as well.

I figured show Y'all a quick and easy one I make most campin' trips such as this one and all items especially Tyson® brand products and chicken can be found at your local Walmart. 

What you'll need:
Tyson® Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
veggie of your choice

Use either a disposable knife or one that can easily be cleaned in the woods and chop your chicken breast into bite-size pieces. Place the pieces inside the foil along with your seasoning, veggies and diced potato. Fold your foil pack so that it will not release heat and write your name on it with a permanent marker. Written' your name is a trick we started in scouts so we could keep track of our dinner. Place your foil pack on either a campfire or camp stove and cook until the chicken is done and the veggies are tender.

Dispose of your trash in a sealable bag you can take out of camp and enjoy. As I tell all my scouts: "Remember what you bring in you should bring out because you should leave no trace behind."

Enjoy and let me know what you like to cook at your campouts.

Lipton Herbal Tea
Y'all have heard me make the joke I'm not 70 percent water I'm 70 percent tea. Maybe it's my Southern roots, maybe it's my family heritage but a meal isn't a meal without tea. I'm known to give restaurants a lower ratin' if the tea is subpar. Even when campin' you can enjoy the refreshin' goodness of a glass of tea. At the moment I am really lovin' the NEW Lipton® Herbal Ice Tea Bags. So, good with just the right amount of flavor. I like to carry small amounts of prepackaged sugar in my camp bag in the sack I store my food. All you need is to add water and its perfect after such a long hike. It's always so hot in Texas most times of the year that its quick and easy to make Herbal Sun Tea.

What's your favorite drink you are added to your outdoor adventures this summer?


  1. Wow, the landscaping there is beautiful!

    so is that foil pack - they never seem to turn out right when I try them :/

    1. Its, so beautiful. Everyone loves Palo Duro Canyon. Its about an hour or so away and the second largest Canyon in the US. But, I think Caprock is far prettier. Especially after its just rained. Add in the Bison and oh my.

  2. Oh wow! What a trip! Beautiful pictures!


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