Cicis Buffet Italiano |

Jun 18, 2018

Cicis Buffet Italiano

I bounce through the door, four large boxes in hand. My sister reaches me before I have time to shut the door or catch my breath. What do we have this time? I'm starvin', and you took forever, but thank you. "Flatbreads from the new Buffet Italiano menu," I holler. Chicken Parmesan and Bruschetta. "What's the other box," she implores. "The new Lemon Crème Bar and it took everythin' in me not to eat some in the car."

Before I can walk back into the kitchen, she had a pizza box in her hand and the lightin' set up. I chuckle. "Well, I know you need pictures, and I'm hungry so come on."

We chuckle as my sister poses with the Cici's pizza pretendin' she's a model. Secretly I think she always wished she was one.

Mallory, my sister's best friend, comes likes a rush into the kitchen, "I heard there was pizza." She stares at the Bruschetta Pizza. "Explain it, " she goes. Think Italian I tell her. Cheese and bruschetta tomatoes. It also has basil and a balsamic glaze drizzle. I wander off with the box of Lemon Crème Bar as the reaches for the Chicken Parmesan flatbread.

They demolish a box of Bruschetta Pizza before I have time to come back for seconds.

The days pass by, and my sister calls askin' for the front door to be left unlocked cause she can't find her key. I open to the door to see her standin' with a large Cicis' box in hand. I raise an eyebrow. She opens the box, and a fresh Bruschetta Pizza stares back at me.

The pizza was so good I need another and no I'm not sharin'. I roll my eyes and make a mental note to remember all the details of the pizza week.


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