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Sep 7, 2018

Camping 101: Campfire Pizza

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English Muffin Camping Pizza

I can still remember the excitement 9-year old 'Leshea had as she fumbled over a campfire at Eisenhower State Park ready to make mini English Muffin Pizzas. As an adult, that fateful lesson learned campin' still with me today.
Girl Eating Oreos
Girl Eating Oreos

In this installment of Camping 101, I give y’all English Muffin Pizzas or Campfire Pizzas. These little pizzas were such a favorite of my scout troop, and I know you'll love them on your next outdoor trip. For this tutorial I decided to make two types of pizza: One for the adults and the kids were allowed to build theirs how they liked.

English Muffin Camping Pizza
English Muffin Camping Pizza
English Muffin Camping Pizza

The touch of the Colman's Prepared Mustard added the kick need to this beautiful camp meal. This Texas weather decided not to cooperate, and we ended up cooking them on my pocket rocket stove instead of a campfire, but they still turned out beautiful.
MSR Pocket Rocket Camp Stove
Tillamook Cheese

English Muffin Camping Pizza
English Muffin Camping Pizza

We still have a few more weeks of Summer so how are y'all addin' a punch to the last few weeks? What's your favorite meal to make campin'?

Colmans mustard

Colmans Mustard

Colmans Mustard
Colmans Mustard
Colmans English Muffin Camping Pizza
English Muffin Camping Pizza

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English Muffins
Turkey Sausage
Sharp Cheddar
Cajun Seasoning
Camp stove
Cast Iron

1. Heat cast iron on your camp stove or campfire.
2. While your cast iron is heating chop your meat and veggie.
3. Saute the meat, veggies and seasoning in heated cast iron .
4. Spread sharp cheddar cheese on english muffins.
5. Add the meat and veggie mixture to your pizza and cook for a few minutes or until the cheese is cooked.
6. Top with Colman’s Prepared Mustard and enjoy.

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