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Oct 5, 2018

Jack-O-Lantern Calzone

This post has been sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are my own.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I don't know if is the cooler weather, the state fair or that Texas finally gets or the fact that my birthday falls durin' this time, but it is just somethin' about this soothin' seasonin'. Down here in Texas Fall means tailgates and parties galore. Whether it be parties for your favorite sports team or parties for your next holiday, we love to do it all.

This Fall I'm consumed with trainin' to hike the Lone Star Trail in the Sam Houston National Park. If you missed me talkin' about the trail ( how could you) it is a 92 miles footpath that boasts bein' the longest in Texas. 

This good Jack-O-Lantern Calzone that I made are not only high protein as I train but fun and perfect for your next holiday party like Halloween.

The best part about this recipe is it is only five ingredients:  Hillshire Farm® Lit’l Smokies Smoked Sausage, cheese, pizza sauce, pizza dough, Italian Seasoning. You can find all your Tyson® needs at your local Walmart.
Wrap your Pizza dough in a greased cast iron or round bakin' dish. Fill the dough with pizza sauce, cheese, Italian seasoning and Hillshire Farm® Lit’l Smokies Smoked Sausage chopped into smaller bits. Bring the ends of the dough to meet each other and so that they form a round shape like a pumpkin. Brush the top of the dough with olive oil and orange food coloring. Bake the calzone until the dough is firm. Once baked take the calzone out of the oven and make little eyes and a mouth with the extra dough. The perfect Halloween snack. I'll also be enjoyin' this bad boy with some State Fair® Corn Dogs as they are my favorite. Did you know that the Corn Dog was invented at the state fair of Texas? My family spent the entire time standin' over my shoulder tellin' me to hurry with the pictures cause they couldn't wait to dig in.

As they say: Everythin' is better in Texas. How are Y'all celebratin' this Halloween and what's your favorite Tyson snack?

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