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Nov 20, 2013

I will break down the gates of heaven, a 1,000 angels stand waiting for me

Ever had one of those weeks where life is tryin' to take your joy but you are fightin' back and refusing to let it? Well, that's been my life this week. On Sunday a good family fran passed away. I wrote about him back in September and how we went to go visit him and asked y'all for prayers. I held off writing this post because I was sad. It still saddens me but now, not only have I put everything into perspective but I'm doing much better. Because of his acceptance and faith I know he is in a better place and has no more pain. Mostly, I ask for prayers for his family. Mainly his children and mother. I mentioned back in September that he was our next door neighbor for years. He youngest daughter and my seester grew up together and were bestfrans. She stayed with that family for a few days after my daddy died. They were the ones to pick her up from school and break the news. By they I mean his ex-wife. Brent, the family fran who died, was there before, during and after my daddy's death. I don't like to rehash the actual death much but Brent was the one who gave my daddy CPR while my momma was on the phone waiting for the paramedics to come. Not only was my dad dyin' but he was coughing blood everywhere. Brent, didn't miss a beat and just kept on with the CPR. I'll be forever grateful to him for that. Brent's mother really needs prayer. Her husband died at the age of 53 from cancer. She was his caretaker and provider till the end. Brent would have been 53 in a few weeks and for the last 2 years, Ms. Peggy, Brent's mom as been his caretaker and provider. Ms. Peggy is one of the strongest women you will ever meet.

I'm also somewhat jealous that Brent not only gets to go to heaven but he gets to see all his lost loved ones who join us in our faith. A while back he told me that next to his father my father was his hero. Whenever he was feeling down or wanted to give up the fight he said that he would think of how hard my dad fought his entire life and it would instantly give him strength. Well, y'all know that mad my momma cry for days and days. The title of my post comes from the song Run to You by Pentatnoix. I don't know about y'all but that is gonna be me when I get to Heaven. Even in Heaven I know I'll be actin' a plump fool. I also have so many questions. They say that when you get to heaven there will be no more pain and suffering. There will be no sorrow. So does that mean we won't remember our lives here on earth. Cause I know remember mine would make me happy and sad. And if that's the case then how would we remember our family members when they finally get to Heaven. So many questions I want answered.

 But, this week I have been tryin' to remind myself there's beauty all around. I'm surrounding myself with the things I love this week. Above are just a few of the things.


  1. Oh, Aleshea, I am so very sorry for your loss. It hurts so much when we lose someone we love. It does help when we can know that we will see them again. Your post is a beautiful tribute to your friend. I enjoyed reading about what he meant to you and your family.

    Love, Joy

  2. So understood. My friend Ben went up to be with Jesus on November 1, and clearly he went ahead to make sure the place was looking lovely for your friend!

    We do not grieve as those with no hope. Our friends will celebrate Christmas this year with the true reason for the season. Earth can't beat that.

  3. ((Stopping in from TX Women Bloggers))

    Sorry that you've had a rough week. I agree that Heaven will be an awesome place and it's human nature to feel like we'll have questions to ask when we get there. But knowing that we'll be at the feet of Jesus, I'm not sure if we'll care what we'll remember.

    But while we're here on earth, we have to do exactly what your last paragraph reminds us to do--find beauty and love that surrounds us.

  4. Sending you virtual hugs!!! I have so many heaven questions too! I wonder if my mom was waiting for my grandparents and my brother. If she knew they were there or if she knows they are there.

  5. I'm so sorry. Sending cyber hugs your way and prayers for the family.
    There has been a lot of grief this year in my family and yours too it seems.

  6. I am sorry for your loss. I have lost 4 family members including my mom so I know lost but what helps is knowing I will see them again and I have some pretty special angels watching out for me. Stopping over from Kokoamag.com


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