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Nov 18, 2013

Who said, "it's better to give than receive," anyway?


How you doin'? Wait, don't answer that. Ever heard of a rhetorical question? I kid, I kid! I do hope hope all is well with y'all. Woke up to see that Cara Boxes were being posted today. To say I was excited was an understatement. Means I can push back the rest of my post by a day and then I have material for a week. If you're late to the party then I suggest you get your life together and get with it. I'm even more excited that Kaitlyn switched things up and decided to make this a quarterly link-up. Saves me money and allows me to participate more often.

I know I'm supposed to take pics of all my items and then post for the world to see but I didn't and y'all can just get over it right now. I love all the items I was sent but I wasn't able to get good pics of them. Shall we start with the lovely Alisa. She was assigned the task of stalkin' my hot mess of a blog. Can I tell y'all how awesome of a job she did. Well, I'mma tell y'all anyway. Alisa did an awesome job. So awesome that I needed to use the word awesome four times in the same paragraph. Obviously I took far to many pictures of my favorite item in the box. y'all know my obession with wooden spoons. Alisa took note and not only included one but decorated one. Y'all I about lost my mind when I saw it. Yes ma'am. Alisha, girl, if you read this I want you to know that, that wooden spoon is my favorite item I've received in a Cara Box yet and I've already added it to my collection sitting in my monogramed mason jar.

We can't forget the other items she sent me. The note was the sweetest and really did put a smile on my face. I'm so glad you noticed that I love chevron and I'mma rock that bag until it falls apart. I spend some time down by the lake on the weekends. A kid that I grew up with lives by the lake. Wait, the majority of my hometown is off the lake. Anyways, some buddies I know built a hangout down there. If I hang out with them this weekend I'll try and take pics. There always fussin' at me cause i'm always fussin' the fire isn't enough and i'm cold. Now I have the pretty pink fleece you sent me. So, James, if you read this, like I know you eventually will... YAY! The necklace you made is the cutest and I've been needing a photo album.

Now, I sent my Cara Box to Abagial. I'm so thrilled she loved everything. Girl, is from NC and I'm jealous. I'm also jealous of her photo skills. She is a professional photographer! Whelp, that's all folks. Before you click away make sure you click all those pretty pink links and show the ladies some love. Then you can comeback tomorrow and hear about my trip to the PHO place. It was a hot mess if the world as ever heard a hot mess.


  1. I'm so glad you liked it all and it made you smile!! I had lots of fun sending it to you! :)


  2. What a cute idea- the Cara Boxes are a great idea! I love the spoon that Alisa sent to you- what an artist! I clicked over to Abagial's page to see what you sent to her- I love that sweater mug! :)

    Happy Friday, Aleshea!

    Love, Joy


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