Casey Eubanks 9/49 |

Jun 13, 2015

Casey Eubanks 9/49


Photographed in Dallas, Texas: Old Red mesume 

Let this be the continuation of  I am the South and the South is me: Southern Portraits. Eight completed; 41 lost but not forgotten. Consider this the ninth installment of I am the South and the South is me: Southern Portraits. Bestfran NĂºmero Duo,  A Southern Song. 

""Her weddin' betta not be Texas-OU weekend she fusses. Who in the South has a weddin' in fall, she continues on. I nod in agreement. She had a point. I trip over her boots as the conversation halts and I make my way out her room to the kitchen for tea. The boots I once tripped in on the fifty yard line. The boots she loved to two-step in. My mind wanders back to the first encounter as the microwave spins round and round...  The sleepy little East Texas College town alive and awake. The hustle and bustle of a new semester the attraction of all. I sit at a desk,  a Western Civilization book on Ottoman Rule fumbles from my finger tips. I sigh under my breath as I reach to pick it up. My lack of understandin’ on the subject and importance in my life not understood.  I look up, she stands before me amused. A transfer from Dallas, her smile reaches her eyes. Southern charm lights up a room they say. She holds up the same book and smiles. A friendship formed over a book neither of us cared to read. Friendship, friendship as sweet as an iced tea.
Months later she bangs on my door, excitement evident in her voice. She can't wait to show me the snow on the ground. The snow day the University is sure to have. I groan as she plops on my bed excited, then I look up. No class meant those concert tickets we planned to bid for would be ours. We race to our laptops cards in hand all the while singin' along. 
Septembers come and gone... Some concerts later, she leans over jammin' along to a George Strait cover. I smile as she raises her glass, singin' a little louder, her boots stompin' in the Texas mud as deep as her roots. And so the September born, she was a Southern song.
 I am the Casey 
 I am the South and the South is me. 

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  1. Love it. Nothing like the south it's something about it that feels different it's not just a way of life it's the way we do things.

  2. I love this. I love this series too. Southern is definitely a way of life.

  3. This is so sweet. An unexpected friendship can blossom out of nowhere and change your life forever!

  4. Beautiful memories! I love this series, you bring life to the words with how you tell them!

  5. are you kidding me with this?! this is gorgeous. makes me proud of my southern roots reading this beauty!! xxo.


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