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Nov 30, 2015

Southern Kitchen Must Haves

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It's come to my attention that many don't seem to know what's needed in a Southern Kitchen. Or, maybe you need some gift ideas for a fran. I got Y'all covered. I complied a list of Southern Kitchen must haves.

I texted some of my favorite Southerners and the responses left me rollin' for days. Here are just a few:

Me: " So, what are your must haves for a Southern kitchen? Imma do a gift guide.
Bestfran: "Cast iron skillet"
Me: Ohh a roastin' pan. And a Dutch Oven I cook with these a lot.
One of the Boys: "Idk anyone who cooks with a Dutch oven except Boy Scouts."
Me: "I do. So, now you know someone."
One of the Boys: "Also, how TF is a Southern kitchen any different from any other kitchen?"
Me: "Same as the whole Southern strawberry thing we talked about yesterday."
SD: "I do too. Butter!
One of the boys: "Giant jar of bacon grease?"
Me" Cookin' utensils!"
One of the boys: "giant *folgers can* of bacon grease'
SD: "Crisco"
Me: " I should have worded better. I can;t link to that on Amazon. But I sure am gonna quote y'all in the post."
One of the boys: " Utensils are the same everywhere. Lmfao"
Me: No. Yankess don't cook with cast irons.
One of the boys: "Ohhh a comal. But that would be a Texan Kitchen. Not a Southern kitchen."
Me:" A what?"
One of the boys:" I mean like all Texan kitchens are Southern kitchens but like not all Southern kitchens are Texan kitchens. SMDH how you don't know that? You don't have a comal?
Me: "No idk googlin'"
One of the boys: "You cook tortillas on it."
Me :"So a griddle"
One of the boys: "Not a griddle but go with griddle for the post"
Me: "I mean it's like a griddle. From the pics I just goodles.
One of the boys: "I disagree. But whatevs.
Bestfran: "It's a griddle with an accent."
SD: " A good set of knives. I got side tracked earlier. Butcher block cuttin' board. Rollin' pins and biscuit cutters."
Bestfran: "Rolling pinsssssss"

Well, shall we...

Top 10

Roasting Pan: Every Southerner knows that if one of these is on the stove or in the oven it's about to be good eats. Not a holiday goes by that we don't bust ours out.

Cast Iron: Now, if you don't own or know what this is then we need to talk. Like talk immediately.My cast iron was actually the basis for this post. Recently I did a video where I joked that if you made homemade gravy like I did then it would catch you a man. I mentioned I used a number 8 cast iron and apparently that confused some people.

Dutch Oven: I don't care what anyone tells you. You betta be able to cook on one. Plus, they make the best for dumpcakes over an open fire.

Stock Pot: Growin' up in the South it isn't uncommon to see one or two of these in every house. perfect for soups, gumbos and most importantly cook outs and boils.

Baking Dish/Pie Dish/Bundt Cake Pan/Pie Weights: Here in the South we will judge you by your homemade. Lemme explain. You need to always be able to make a dish in a pinch. You never know when a list minute opportunity will arise or when a house guest will be near.

Mixer: For all the homemade bakin' you'll be doin'. This baby will be my next purchase. I still bake with my Momma's old fashioned hand crank mixed and handheld mixer. The handheld finally bit the dust and I'mma be forced to upgrade. Idk. but just somethin' about puttin' my wrist into it. It's made with more love.

Cake Stand: Didn't I just mention that you need to be able to bake somethin' in a pinch. Well, you also need to be able to display that creation. Of course you wanna show of your work while swearin' it was nothin' and didn't take long.

Biscuit Cutters: We sure do love are biscuits and gravy.

Deep Frying Spatula: Yes, we really do fry everythin' down south. And no you don't want hot grease poppin' all over'ya. I even bought one of my bestfrans a sign that says. "It's my kitchen and I'll fry if I want to"

Griddle/Comal: Cause it's what we do. No, but seriously it'll make all those homemade breakfast so much easier.

Honorable Mentions:

Rolling Pin: Do I even need to explain. You need to be able to roll out all that dough. I actually just bought my first rollin' pin this year. I've been usin' the same can to roll out my dough for years. I just was it off afterwards. I know I know. But that's how my Momma did and her Momma before her and so that's how I did it.

Knife Set: How else you gonna chop for all those meals. And I've owned this set for years and love it.

Butcher Block/ Bamboo Cutting Board: Now, lemme just tell y'all that this is like your cast iron. Learn it and love it. Learn the wood and the grain. And for heaven sake do put soap on it.

Crock Pot: Duh!

Wooden Spoons: I still use the same wooden spoons my Daddy used and inadvertently passed on to me when he died. Not only do they not conduct heat but that add flavor and richness.


  1. I don't have an iron pan...I'm a bad Southerner!

  2. I have every single one of these. My mother was from the south and she trained me well!

  3. Great List! I use my cast iron skillet for everything!! It's my favorite kitchen item of all time!

  4. These are all great & I have them all! Winner winner chicken dinner! I never thought about a cake stand being a Southern thing but when I read it I thought "Well, it is!" I seriously heart your post!

    1. Oh! And bonus if your bamboo cutting board is in the shape of the state you live in! (I do have one and it is in the shape of Georgia! My state). And can I also say how much I love kitchen hand me downs from my family. I have things that were my great grandma's and I love those so much! It feels like more love is put into making things with those kitchen gadgets!

  5. Oh, my gosh! You are so right on! I use my #8 cast iron almost every single meal. Great for braising meat, making gravies. I have a little one I bake my cornbread in. I'd add to your list club aluminum pots. Nothing beats them for simmering things like beans in all day. Hard to scorch anything in club aluminum. I also have a large and a small of those. I use the Dutch oven for Ham and for turkey. Hubby takes it outside when we have a cookout to take up meat in and have a lid to keep cats, flies, etc. out of it. I inherited from my mom the most wonderful roasting pan! The bottom tray is about 2 1/2 inches deep. Then there is a rack full of holes that fits nicely on that. Put a couple of cups of water in that bottom and slow cook some ribs.......uhm! Fall of the bone tender! Every Texas kitchen should also have some some jelly jar glasses. They are hard to find theses days. Perfect size for a glass of iced tea or a cold glass of milk. The rim makes them great biscuit/cookie cutters too! Life & Faith in Caneyhead


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