The window seal |

Nov 10, 2015

The window seal

I sit by the window seal, readin' a last edition Oxford Southern Magazine. I'd never quite gotten through all the articles even a year or so later. The light had just yet began to peer through the shutters as I sipped my mornin' tea. Coffee, usually the apple of my eye but we were out. So, I opted for a warm glass of homemade raspberry tea. The aroma from the fresh ground leaves filled the tiny section of my livin' room. I'd have come to perfect the pour over method many moons ago. The inner coffee sob in me proud as I nibbled away on a Perfectly Simple Zone bar. I'd read somewhere that they were gluten free and only 200 calories. I'd taken a liken to that. Eatin, them as a daily routine in my mornin' and as a snack. The tiny drawer in my classroom stacked high with their goodness.

I pulled open my Momma's worn and sturdy shutters as I reached to feel the window. Daddy, always said you could tell the days weather if you felt the windows. And somehow I believed him, even still, even now. But, I wondered where my Fall had gone. In it's place was a Texas heath like none other. I'd heard the weather man say we broke a record. I didn't know if I liked this very much. Maybe it was meant to be

I reached over, the warm leather as beautiful as ever. I crack open the first blank page and begin to write.

Sidenote: I love coupons. As a kid Daddy would hold up the grocery line with all his coupons, But that's neither here nor there. But here's a coupon to get ya some yummy ZonePerfect bars.

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