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Apr 28, 2016

Beyoncé Diva Day Giveaway

As a kid I had two obsession in life: Spice Girls and Destiny's Child. Y'all, it was a serious problem. You couldn't tell me nothin' as a child as I would bounce around the house singin' all day. We would have all the cars moved outta the garage and would roll around in Barbie roller skates makin' up dances to the songs. It was a tragic hot mess y'all. My Daddy would always yell, "you can sing all them lyrics but do you know your prayers like that." My Daddy, always the one throwin' shade. Guess he knew early on I wasn't gonna grow up to be as fabulous as Beyonce. Y'all already know the story here of how I got braids as a child and it was a hot mess. You see Beyonce and all the girls had them as well as all the famous R&B groups so naturally I wanted them as well. Like. my braids in the pic don't even look anythin' like Beyonce or Immature. Why,why... I have so many questions for my Momma for lettin' me out the house like this. And let's not even get started on this hot mess of a half top I was wearin'. Y'all most of the pics from me as a child in the summer time is with silly outfits like this. Kelly in Destiny's Child always wore them. It's ok, cause I've grown and know I ain't never gonna be on the level of any of those girls but especially Beyonce.

Now, as for her new Lemonade visual album. Y'all it's been a good few days and am still processin' everythin' I watched. On the superficial my favorite was the cinematography and how she portrayed that against a Southern backdrop. But, the way she was able to tell her truth and the truth of so many other black women through music is what sold me. Always a class act she is. 

BUT... now to the goodies....
I've teamed up with 9 bloggers to give one of you lucky readers a BEYONCE DIVA DAY! The prize for this insane giveaway includes: 1 FLOOR ticket to the Beyonce show at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX on May 9 (travel, accomodations, parking, food not included) $100 gift card to RiffRaff 1 set of lash extensions from Lash Loft 1 gift card for a manicure at Bellacures Dallas Preston Center 1 gift card for a blowout at DryBar
In other words, the day of the show you'll be able to treat yourself with hair, nails, lashes and a brand new Freakum Dress! Enter using the Rafflecopter below!
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Aleshea - Shannon - Brandi
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