March Madness with Cicis Pizza |

Mar 22, 2018

March Madness with Cicis Pizza

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“With all that said, it has come to my attention that many ladies are confused about where to begin and what it all means. They are just too scared to admit it. So I thought I'd help y'all out just a bit. Here's Southern Girls Guide to March Madness. After all don't you wanna be able to keep up a conversation with your husbands, daddy's, brothers, boyfriends, etc. for the next month.? Let's start with the basics, shall we"

Those are the words I wrote on March 3 of 2016 when I published the post titled, Southern Girls Guide to March Madness. You can read that post here. March Madness is the most glorious time of the year and a delight in my household. It's no secret I went to school in East Texas at SFA, and one thing SFA is known for is their basketball team. SFA may be tiny, but we can play ball. I'll always say chosen' SFA was the best decisions I could have made 12 years ago. I always joke with friends that no one 'sports balls' as I do.

'Sports balls' is a-runnin' joke among close friends because they never know quite what I'm talkin' about or why I'm so passionate. Heck, in college one year the university held a contest to get more students to attend sportin' events. The winner got free groceries for an entire year. The plan was to attend enough games to win an Under Armour SFA hoodie. This turned into me placin' third out of  12,000 + students in the contest. I reckon I attended well over 100 games for the various sportin' teams from SFA.

 So, Y'all can imagine my excitement this year when SFA made and won their conference tournament and made the NCAA Tourney for the fifth year in school history. Selection Sunday is like a holiday in my house. I churched and immediately napped afterward. Afterall, one needs to be fresh for Selection Sunday. I woke from my nap and immediately called the Cicis Pizza down the street from me to place a to-go order. (I've spent much time in that Cicis. Every Friday night in the fall after Football games all us band members would get in someone's truck or Mom's SUV and pile in that maroon lit Cicis and far outstay our welcome.) On Selection Sunday, I promptly called Cicis and ordered two of their new New York Style Pizzas and New York Style Cheesecake Brownies. Ready in 15 minutes, I showed up for pick-up with anticipation.

 I burst through my front door with Cicis goodies in hand. Immediately tackled, I struggled to maintain balance as I hollered, " Don't wear your SFA shirt like that. I need photos." Everyone chomped on pizza and I sat on pins and needles as I waited to see our draw. Tears instantly filled my eyes when “3 Texas Tech vs. 14 Stephen F. Austin: East Dallas Texas March 15” flashed across my screen. I rushed to my laptop, Cicis in one hand, debit card in the other. I refreshed and refreshed until the ordered said confirmed.

Happy March Madness, Y'all. Be sure to stop by your local Cicis Pizza from now until April 2nd for $1 Off XL Pizzas To-Go or Two or More Large Two-Topping Pizzas for $5.99 Each. Just click here for the coupon. Wile you're at it, try the new New York style Pizza and Cheesecake Swirl Brownie.

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