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Aug 13, 2013

Unlock that honky tonk. Go turn them neons on

So, it's no secret that I love Country Music. Heck much of the things on Le blog is centered around Country Music. Bestfran Numer Uno , on the right of me, got a new teaching job and moved about 45 minutes-1hr from me. So much better than the six plus hours she was living outside of San Antonio. For months we've wanted to try Toby Keith's Bar and Grill and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Fast forward to us driving out to Dallas, Bestfran Numero Duo, on the left of me, lives an hour in the other direction. We get there only to feel like tourist. You see they were literally dropping people off via shuttles from the airport. We were told the wait would be almost two hours unless we wanted to sit at the bar where they would only serve us off the appetizer menu. We politely declined and left. There was no way we were going to wait there when their only rating averaged less than 45% between a few different websites. We went to a near by Tex-Mex restaurant for dinner. This restaurant happened to be right by Cowboys Red River. For those who don't know, Cowboys Red River is apart of the Cowboys Dance Hall family; better know as a Honky Tonk. while I was there I saw quite a few things that were not ok. So here we got y'all- my 10 Commandants when visiting a Honky Tonk.

1.When the elderly man tips his cowboy hat and ask you to dance you always say yes. Chances are he's not a cray cray creeper but a lonely elderly man who really just wants to dance. 

2. In the words of my cousin, " Don't no one wanna see your 'ta toot ta too'!" I promise you will still be just as desirable with clothes that don't make your Paw Paw blush.

3. Don't wear boots with shorts or a dress that aren't meant to be worn with shorts or a dress. If the top of your boots are a different color than the bottom they ain't meant to be worn with shorts or a dress. STAHP IT. 

4.  If you bought your boots at a retail other than a Western Store than don't wear them to the Honky Tonk because it just makes you look stupid. Meaning if it's not a cowboy boot leave it on home. 

5. Just because you can make up a line dance to anything doesn't mean you should. 

6.  Follow the direction of the dance hall floor when dancing. There's nothing worse than a person bumping into someone because they can't dance side to side in a circle.

7. Ladies, your partner should be leading you across the floor. Take his lead and follow his style. 
8.  It is never cute or ok to be sloppy in public. 
9. Just because we live in Texas doesn't mean your hair has to be 10 feet high and your outfit look like you stole all the rhinestones out of hobby Lobby. We know you don't do that nonsense normally. I promise it doesn't make you look more country. You just look like a Dolly Parton Wanna.
10.  Just because you wanna dance on the bar in hopes of being on the camera doesn't mean you should. Get yo butt down.

 Now, maybe just maybe we'll  make you an honorary Texan. Remember to have fun and say hi to Crystal & Amanda.



  1. I love these! Especially #1 because here, the only option IS creeper.

    I think I need to come over and dance!

  2. bahaha love these!! Very true :) Esp #4!!

  3. bahaha! This is hilarious. Love these. It's been years since I've been in a Honky Tonk! I can only imagine what they are like now.


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