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Aug 15, 2013

"Writers keep writing what they write"

*Self what do all these childhood pictures Leshea posted have to do with anything? Don't tell me she put them in here cause she read somewhere that you should have a pic with every post and that's all she had* Calm your jets cause y'all know it is what you were thinking. Whelp, Texas Women Bloggers is doing a 'Get-To-Know-You' once a month link-up and I thought I'd participate in the first one. These pictures are perfectly me. As a child I could always be found in the kitchen weather it be eating or trying to help cook. I was also know for a pose that I still do to this day when a camera is in my face. Most days I don't even realize my face is scrunched in and pointed upward until someone points it out. Wait, what did that really have to do with the questions they provided and did any of that really make sense. Oh well, you still can't "Bless My Heart", take away my sweet tea or tell me "Oh Hell No!" We'll just move along and answer said questions before I have to shower and start my day.

1. What part of Texas do you call home?

I have lived in the Dallas Fort Worth area my entire life sans the 4 1/2 years I was in college out in East Texas.
2. How long have you been blogging?

I have always dabbled on the internet. I've had a Live Journal, Xanga etc account. I even had a Blogger blog back in like 2008. I would say those were just me being emo and letting out my frustrations. I started this blog in November of 2012 and started seriously blogging after I did Jenni's Blog Everyday in May Challenge.
3. Why did you start blogging?

A few years back I found a food blog via Pinterest. I remember reading and thinking I can do this. All she post is mostly salads and has like 50,000 followers. That is when the idea started. For a while I was only reading Tumblr blogs. I got together with Bestfran Numero Uno and was like lets start a food blog. We both really love to cook. Me more so than her. We were going to post all our favorite Southern/Texas recipes as well as tips for people. After about a year we became stuck and fizzled out. I was more interested in posting and she became to busy. I started to realize Tumblr, as great as it is, wasn't really the platform I needed. I love to write and it's hard to get people to read/follow when you're not just posting gifts. For months I researched Wordpress vs Blogger. Self Hosting vs free hosting. I cam to the decision that Blogger would be great for someone like me just starting out. Would you believe people started following after I stopped posting on Tumblr. When I moved to blogger I was still mostly posting recipes. After a few months I started to find out about Lifestyle blogs and I haven't looked back. Besides I don't know if y'all know this but it's hard work being such a niche blogger. Buying food/taking pics/ writing the steps becomes a lot when your doing it three plus times a week. That and my fam would always complain dinner was cold because I would take so long plating and picture taking.
4. When we visit your blog, what can we expect to discover?

My blog is a reflection of me and all the things I love. If I wanna write about the stupid thing a kid told me while at work then I will. If I wanna cry that Jesus hurt my feelings and put me in my place then I will. Heck if I wanna tell you someone farted then I will. All things I have written about and have no shame admitting, btw. No but seriously you can find topics that range from anything you would encounter in your life.
5. How did you come up with your Blog Title and what is its meaning?

When I was on Tumblr I still had the tagline to my blog- "Glitz n Grits ... addin' a little glitz to your grits" This is a saying I heard growing up when I was in the kitchen. It just means adding a little jazz to the monduane. My Daddy and Grandma were always trying to go the extra mile in the kitchen. That and I love me some cheese grits. 
6. What do you love about being part of Texas Women Bloggers?

I would deff have to say the friends and connections I have made along the way. Heck how else would I have met girls like Crystal and Amanda. They also do a Texas Tuesday linkup that I love but always seems to do on Wednesday. *Self, you really need to work on that* Opps, excuse me while I blog out loud. If your new around here than you may notice I do that from time to time. 
7. Who inspires you to blog?
I think everyone you meet has a story to tell and I'm always interested to hear said story. I can always find something I enjoy about a persons blog. I also read far to many blogs and should really be more productive with my time. But I would have to say there are two blogs that I drop everything for when they post. Heck sometimes I stalk their blog. Ok, maybe I stalk their blogs daily. That would have to be Beka and Britt. Beka and I were Cara Box partners a few minutes ago and we always joke that we were destined to be Bloggity frans. I love that girl and the fact that she will listen to me ramble via email like we've known each other for ages. As for Britt not only did she design my blog but she's amazing. I found her months ago after she left a comment on a blog post of mine. It was love at first site. The fact that she knows I stalked her blog and still welcomes me with open arms is amazing. Seriously y'all should check out her work. I'm always in awe of how she can make a whole post from one picture or the creative things her brain comes up with. Her photography is also to die for.

I guess no list would be complete without Beth and Syndey. Neither of them post as regulary as they used to but both were my first bloggity frans and I can't leave them out.
8. If you could pick a favorite blog post from this past year, what would it be?
I think I'll cheat and just post a few of my most popular. Check 'em out if your interested. 



  1. So glad I joined TX Women Bloggers just to meet you! I think I am going to enjoy the follow.

  2. Great post, loved learning new things about you :)

  3. And that's why I love ya!! Great post.You are such a doll!

  4. I love this!
    I learned a lot, too.

    Dear Seattlites: please do this!!

  5. Nice blog, I attended a Passion Party last year and the hostess had "Redneck" wine glasses - hilarious!

  6. how cute are those photos! love that your blog is, "a reflection of all the things you love"

  7. Yay shout out! I love you too! I forgive you for spelling my name wrong....

    Anyway...we WERE destined to be friends and I still think it's funny that you and I met through CB...but that's also how I met Brit. She was my first round CB buddy.

  8. Love the name! Glitz N Grits. Glad to have found your blog via the link up!

  9. I'm going to have to try those Caramel Cupcakes!! Looking forward to reading more of your blog! :)


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