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Aug 29, 2013

Yo Cara, can I get yo number?

Yep, yep, yep! It's Cara Box time y'all. Y'all know we're supposed to post each month on the goodies we get and I have failed in that endevour. So consider this my July and August post. I'm also excited that Cara Box is going to stop being monthly and only a few times a month. I love that cause now I can continue to participate.

First picture come from my girl Ashley. I really like her and her blog. Her wee one is also just the cutest ever. The theme was nautical and she did such a good job. I really love the socks and cups. My sweet tea never tasted so good. I also love the magnets and they are a great addition to our collection on my fridge.

The second picture  comes from Heather. Home girl was on top of it and really got me some things I love. Which reminds me that I need to email her back and let her know I received my package. Yep, ignore my blogging out-loud. She gets my EOS obsession. I don't think she realized how much I love me some Lee Brice so thanks for the cd girl. And yep them Twizzlers are already in my belly next to my coffee and sweet tea. If you wanna see what I got Ms. Jennifer than take yo nosy but here. Well, there y'all go. Come back tomorrow for my tutorial with my favorite thing ever... Mason Jars. Also I will be taking part in Jenni's Blogtember challenge. Button is on my sidebar till the end of September and I'd love if y'all joined me. I had so much fun with her Blog Everyday and May challenge and wanted to try this one since it wasn't as intensive. I haven't yet decided if I will do all twenty days but nevertheless I am excited for it to start on Sept 2. Now excuse me while I go finish Big Brother. Man what people will do for a little bit of money. Oh and I'm linking this post with Kaitlyn. Gah, I'm letting my self diagnosed ADD show.


  1. love the sailor/nautical goodies you got from Ashley, so fun!

  2. i sent my cara box recipient eos chapstick too... love that stuff!

  3. It looks like you got paired with some freaking awesome partners.
    How the heck did I miss the nautical one!? HOLY HELL.

    oh well.
    Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you.
    And WHAT RECIPE!? hafhgfhlakf!!


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