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Sep 30, 2013

Her eyes are green as the trees in Nacogdoches.


I know I can't be the only one who wants to cry when Monday comes around. The weekend is all large and in charge and then Monday comes and slaps yo butt in the face. You know that person that announces they're unfollowing and you're like, that's like announcing your leaving a party early that you ain't even invited to- that's Monday to me. Heck  I struggle to blog on Mondays. I vote we just veto Monday. Hey, if Congress can't get it together enough and cause a Government Shutdown then we can start vetoing days. Anyways, let's forget the nonsense and spend a few sentences talking about my weekend.

First, I wanna thank y'all for all the Birfday wishes/encouragement. My Bestfran James was laughing at me Saturday cause I spent most of the car ride answering emails. I spent half the weekend back in Nac for Parents Day and the Pink Out Games. James little brother is a student at the college I attended. Their Aunt and Grandma were honored for being breast cancer survivors, hence why we drove down for the game. We were gonna spend the night in Nac but instead decided to drive home late that night. Y'all that was a big HOT MESS and I just got to give some thanks to The Good Lord for getting us home safe. It was stormin' something fierce which caused us to get off track and drive WAY WAY WAY out of the way. I fell asleep before midnight and woke to us sitting in a ditch with the hazards lights on and James asleep behind the wheel.  Needless to say I drove the rest of the way home. A trip that should have only taken a little over three hours took about five. When my Momma sees the high gas bill charged to her I'm just gonna remind here that she always said if I was tired or it was bad weather to find another route or pull over. Whelp, that was the majority of my weekend. Now on to the week ahead. I'm not gonna lie and I'll admit that I halved on my goals from last week. So this week my biggest goals are to

 Build on the goals from last week. 
 Drink more water. 
 Spend at least fifteen minutes in either prayer/ devotional or reading my Bible 

What y'all got going on this weekend? Hoe do y'all stay accountable with your "quiet time"


  1. Glad you enjoyed your birthday. I'm loving your goals!

  2. Those are some great goals! Good luck with them. Drinking more water is still a challenge for me but I'm working on it.

  3. Her teeth are white as cotton in the fall.
    And when she laughs you’ll always take notice
    because her heart’s charm shines right through it all

    I’m there with you! I always tell my hubby that Mondays are twice as hard on me because I have to deal with my Monday, plus Mason’s Monday! (I wake him in the morning and take him to school) ha!

    I hope you had a really great birthday!! Good goals you have set there!!

  4. You "woke to us sitting in a ditch with the hazards lights on and (me) asleep behind the wheel"...way to make me sound like some drunken fool that goes around drivin' through hurricanes and crashin' into ditches!! ;-)

    But seriously though, you ain't lying...that WAS a HOT MESS if there ever was one.


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