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Sep 24, 2013

Oh Blogging you love me so

As I sit to write this long overdue post, hoping this take will better than the last; My heart and belly are full. I embarked on this week/weekend with fivegoals:

 Help a stranger in need
 Choose to see the good in all
  Make the weekend one to remember ( more to come. Praying it all works out)
 Take advantage of every opportunity given to me
 Take a moment to stop in marvel at your beauty. 

I'd like to think I did everything I set out to do.  It’s not a good deed if you tell people. So I’ll just leave y’all with the knowledge that I helped two strangers in need. 

Choosing to see the good in all is never easy but it is one I’m proud to say I conquered for the week. The challenge is to now continue towards that attitude and mindset change. That my steps will be ordered, my words will speak light and my actions will reflect both. 

Now, this brings me two numbers three and four. Many know that I spent the weekend in Houston at #BlogElevated. That's what I was praying would work out.  As evident by the blog cards, you can see that I wasted no time trying to take advantage of every opportunity. Follow through is the name of the game from here on out. From the things that may take months to implement into my blog- moving to wordpress. To the things I could do over night- email list. Yes, it was great to meet bloggers that I openly stalk like, Rachel and  Kylie and fine out their just like me but with more followers. Make new friends in Bre, Alba, Denise, Lisa, Sarah. Or learn that one of my all time favorite bloggers Betsy is from my hometown. Or the countless Google +, Google Analytics, Pinterest, photography, SEO, monetization, Youtube, Tax, writing, etc session packed with knowledge. No, those ain't the "keywords", see I paid attention, that'll be my take away.  

For me the biggest thing I took away is that I am worth it and I am good enough. Many times we sale ourselves short because of the fear that there is always someone greater or better at what I do. You know, comparing our life and stories to this or that person. That stops today. For a few weeks I have been in talks with a company and for the life of me I could not figure out why they would want me. I was sitting in the PR Panel sessions and the words of one of the speakers hit me deep. When she said," that sometimes your numbers are good enough and we do look for smaller up an coming bloggers at times. We want to catch them before someone else does." It was as if she was speaking directly to me. Y'all before that session was over I had my email up and was emailing said company to let them know I'd be honored to work with them and what I could bring to the table. So #BlogElevated thank-you for not only teaching me "things" to better my blog but things to better myself while blogging. Cause after all insist the goal to "Be inspired, be professional, be you"

Houston, a city I generally despise and make fun of gave me a great chance to marvel at the beauty The Lord has given us. Yes, it rained much of the weekend but for once I was happy with the little things like rain. I'm sure it's because we're in a drought here in DFW but I'll just pretend it's because I'm working on becoming a better person in all aspects of my life. 

So this week I shall:

 Respond to all emails within 48 hours. 
 Implement the blogging changes I know I can begin to achieve in two week time, as well as set a time frame for those that will take longer
  WERK this job fair Wednesday
 Be a light in all the young ladies I meet this week at the Girl Scout Recruitment event I'm helping with.
 Take a moment everyday to reflect and be thankful. 

Of course I get an email as I'm writing this that I would normally put off. Excuse me while I answer it. Y'all continue to have a fabulous week.


  1. Great recap! I always take the sweet tea. :)

    I'm sure we passed each other 100 time during that conference.

  2. I love your post, it should become a common thing to just sit back and reflect on what you have done. :)
    I would love to go to a blog meet up, i'm not sure we have any in the UK. But my they would be interesting!
    Its also brilliant to discover that your helping at a Girl Scout Event.
    I'm a leader for my local Guide Unit and love getting new girls signed up as well as going to Jamborees :)

  3. werk that job fair! You've already established that you're good enough, so have at it!

  4. It was so nice to meet you. I am glad we got to network. Next time you are in town, send me a message.

  5. Awesome that you put it into place right then and there! Don't sell yourself short-ever!

  6. As a Houstonian I am totally shocked at your hate of our city because it is fantastic unlike Dallas. Lol.
    But honestly I loved hanging out at conference. Yay to everyone being so motivated with blogging goals and even more yay for new blogging friends.
    Even if they are from Dallas.

  7. Fab recap of your experience at BlogElevated. I was sad to say I couldn't attend that one bc of attending another conference only 2 weeks prior. My hubby would've killed me for going away that quickly. ;) LOL And yes, we are ALL good enough. We all started a the number 0. And you are most definitely good enough!

  8. Aleshea, this was so inspiring- thank you! I've been having conversations with people recently about just these things- assuming that everyone else is doing better than we are, or they have it together better than we do, or they are _____ better than we are (blogging, parenting, living, whatevah!) A wise person once said to me, "Don't compare your insides to someone else's outsides."

    I am excited for you and I love your goals!

    Love, Joy
    Visiting from Sweet Tea Social


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