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Sep 4, 2013

We count our dollars on the train to the party

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If you've followed le blog for any length of time than it should be no secret that I love my state and all it has to offer. While most have lavish dreams of traveling to far off lands I dream of things much simpler. In my post Travelin Texan, I tell of these dreams to travel around the Great State of Texas and see it all. I could never leave the state except to visit family and still be content with life. 

But, if money was no object and I had all the time and the world I would visit the land of my people. Travel to the places I've heard so many stories about. Marvel at the beauty of the cotton fields in Mississippi and the family members that picked from her loins. Swim the same Bayou's down in Louisiana that my Daddy learned to swim in. Run through the woods where I've watched my uncles hunt on many an occasion. Visit the Witch Doctor my Daddy saw as a child for his Sick A cell Anemia cause his family was to poor to afford a legitimate doctor. Bake on the beaches of Alabama as I then make my way up the coast. Walk the historic streets of Virginia. Lay amongst nature in The Blue Ridge Mountains wear the Hippies and Hillbillies become my friend. Fish from the beautiful rivers God provided in Arkansas, The Natural State. I'd wear a hat bigger than my face as I sat in the stand of Churchill Downs pretending I belonged. Taste of the barbecue in Memphis and then pretend I've no such thing as Texas BBQ is the best. Yes, that is what i'd do if the fates would allows. Cause after all I am the South and the South is me.



  1. So descriptive that I felt I was going along with you - SO GREAT!! Mmm Mmmm

  2. Can I come with you too because that sounds lovely. :-)

  3. Yes! I love that you want to do that! Sounds perfect.

  4. I love the South. We are both Southern girls. Sweet tea! Make it sweet and dark.

  5. Nice picture! Where was that taken? And, what’s the meaning of your title? I’d love to travel into all of my family’s history too!

  6. Everything about the South is beautiful-- when I first moved from Texas to Louisiana 3 years ago--it was a whole new world of adventures!

    I love this place

    Southern Girls Rock!


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