How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? |

Oct 10, 2013

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?


If you've brought your little hiney over here from the guest post I wrote on Meredith's blog then hey girl hey. If you ain't got no clue what I'm talkin' 'bout then click that link and go read that post. Monogramming Mason Jars. That's what it's all about. Make sure you tell her congrats on her wedding and stay jealous that she is livin' it up in St. Lucia on her Honeymoon. 

Anyway, wooden spoons. Wooden spoons. I love me some wooden spoons. Y'all don't even know. Y'all I'm obsessed with them. I stir all my grits with them. And yes, one of these days I will get around to posting some grits recipes. My frans love to make fun of me cause I have yet to post a grits recipe but yet I eat them all the time and the word is in the name of my blog. Hmm, what does that have to do with wooden spoons?

Y'all, you should always cook with wooden spoons. Like always. Hands don't hurt as much. Bestfrans with non-stick things you ain't gotta worry about sticking. Ever left a spoon in a pot on the stove. I bet yo hands was not happy when you picked it up. Whelp, you ain't gotta worry 'bout that with a wooden spoon. Heck wood is porous and means safer. Ok, maybe I made that last one up but it'll be alright. 

So maybe I just really love cooking with wooden spoons. But y'all have to admit that there is something special about string the gravy on my Smothered PorckChops with the same wooden spoons my Daddy used. 

Now that I think about it... I probably shouldn't have painted these and bought some to paint. Oh well. But to paint these I used acrylic paint and made sure to tape off the area. I also sprayed them with a clear protective gloss. Just make sure you don't get it on the section you will cook with. Also, never I repeat never follow my lead and put your precious babies int he dishwasher. You gone mess up that wood so bad.

I know this may seem silly to y'all but I really love my wooden spoons. What's y'all's favorite thing to cook with.


  1. These are precious! I love how bright they are. Surprisingly I don't have ANY wooden spoons, I know, I know! I gotta get with it.

  2. These are some really neat photos. Makes the wooden spoons look even cooler!

  3. Very cute and you could paint these to match your kitchen decor.

  4. i only cook with wooden spoons too, i just love them! i love these colors!

  5. So cute and ads a pop of color to those boring spoons

  6. I love wooden spoons too! They're the best. I have a left-handed spoon I love to use.

  7. Umm, I absolutely LOVE these and love the pop of color they give to the kitchen! I might have to do some for myself soon because everybody needs colorful wooden spoons. Right? Right.


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