Makes me wanna take a backroad |

Oct 9, 2013

Makes me wanna take a backroad


Does this count as Wordless Wednesday if it's only a few sentences? Backroads consider this my ode to you. You have provided much solace and love over the years. Nights I couldn't sleep. Days I couldn't functions. Curses I couldn't utter. Dreams I couldn't dream. Music I couldn't turn down. You were there. Never judging, always loving. Your roads, worn from the hands, feet, cars, sun- worn from life. Your roads, curved, forgiving, never ending. Your roads, always there. 

Construction began on you months, years ago. Like the Ashton Shepherd song 'More Cows Than People' sings, " I saw on the news where the interstate might be movin' out this way to make this a better place to live. Well hell, I like it just like it is." Like many I held out hope. The toll road would cut through town and that would be it. It would come and go. The tractors, men, cones and supplies came but they never went. The toll road long finished but the construction never ending. You roads that connected the little towns now marred .

Today, I drove you like many a day. But, today, today it was different. Driving along another stretch of your beautiful land I was stopped. Stopped by a construction worker. My heart sank. The road had been turned into one lane. I knew this all to well. In a few weeks time the surveyors will come. The zoning signs will billow and the farms/homes will become constructions zones. In a few months times your roads will be no more. Infrastructure/progress the enemy of you beauty. Never caring for your story. 

Backroads- you taught me how to drive. How to love God's beauty. How to be present. 
Backroads- You taught me about life.
Backroads- consider this my ode to you. Thanks for the good times and the memories. 

I'll sure miss you when the traffic and millions of lanes set in. 


  1. Love this!! Nothing like the back roads!

  2. I love me some back roads. And it's always upsetting when you see them get turned more into "main roads."

  3. That reminds me of our drive here, 3 months ago. We drove from northern Michigan to Houston, to start a new life. My favorite part of the drive were the backroads in Texas. So beautiful, but so...pardon the expression...insane! 75 mph on a two-lane road! I hung on for dear life!!!



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