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Oct 15, 2013

My favorite color is butter


If you know who uttered the words in my tittle than we can be bestfrans forever and ever. Even when we get to heaven y'all. That's some serious friendship. Wait, I hope y'all are planning on going to Heaven. If you ain't than we need to talk. Like stat. Anyways, I bring you day two of my adventures at the State Fair of Texas. Next to all the free concerts Fried food is probably my favorite thing at the fair. Every year I can't wait to see what's new and try the things I missed the year before at a discounted price. You see the fried foods are always 12 tickets or 6 dollars. Once the item has been out for a year it is only 10 tickets. In the front of the fair booklet there is always the top fried foods and then the winners. They tell you where you can find each booth and what place they finished. This year, with the help of Sherry (ride or die) and Billy we was gonna try all we could.

1. Fried Spinach Dip: This was on the list of top dishes so I figured i'd try it. I was weary that it was gonna be served with salsa. Who serves that nonsense with salsa. Oh... wait, here in Texas we serve everything with salsa. Nope, y'all best not be tryin' to revoke my Texan card or my sweet tea. Would you believe that I haven't had any sweet tea in days? Whelp, let's get back on track. This dish was yummy in my tummy. I should have known that the salsa would add an extra something.

2. Fried Shrimp and Cheese Grits; Oh my Lort in Heaven this needs to be in my belly. Every. Single. Day. Every day I tell you. This was not on our list to try. We were in the food court when Sherry saw the sign. We knew I had to stop and try and oh my Jesus. Yes ma'am. Yes ma'am. Y'all my fangirl is showing but no care is given cause this was SOOO good. This is on my list to learn to make immediately.

3. Tres Leches: So I'd never heard of this but Billy sure knew what it was and was on a mission to get that in his belly real quick. I remember joking what was in it and they best not be tryin' to kill me. You know the whole Mangos are out to get me and here in Texas the Hispanics/Lations love to put them in their desserts. This was good but not something I could eat all the time.

4 Fried Brownie: So y'all obviously don't know this but Sherry is a brownie connoisseur. Y'all she literally puts it in every bio she can. She saw this and lost her mind. Very chocolaty but not to chocolaty if you know what I mean.

5. Fried Snickers: We've had this many times but every year Sherry just Has. To. Have. One. See, you get the point with that butchered sentence.

6. Fried Fireball: So let me tell you about this nonsense. It was on the list of must try dishes that almost won. I wasn't gonna try it cause I had only enough tickets left for one more fired item. I was trying to decided between Fried Butter, Fried Olives and Fried Nutella. I wanted to be like Paula Dean with the butter. The olives intrigued me and all the kids I work with kept telling me I had to have the Nutella. Truthfully I'm not a fan of that stuff. Fried Butter freaks me out. Like why in God's Green Earth would you fry butter? No, it don't make you more Southern. It just makes you more prone to an early death. And honestly do Fried Olives sound that good? So I go to the booth that sold the Fireball and only plan on asking the lady what's in it. She was the cutest old Texas Lady. Y'all she had the best accent to boot. She also made sure to put a Texas flag in my dish so I could get a pic. I just knew I had to buy from her. The Fireball is basically fired pimento cheese, cayenne pepper, bacon and pickles. I always tell y'all if we can mangle the nutritional value out of something we will. This beauty was oh so delicious. Sherry kept laughing at me and Billy cause we said it had a little kick to it but she was dying and yellin' her face was on fire. I was like, "girl I'm Cajun/Creole this ain't nothing!"

There was so much more to try. If I ain't broke by Friday I might try a few more when I go back this weekend. Or more than likely I'll just have to wait till next year. And yes I had a shake up lemonade and a world famous Fletcher's Corndog. What's your favorite fair food? Does your State fair specialize in fried foods too? Are you tired of living vicariously through me yet? I sure hope you ain't cause we still got three more days of this.

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  1. Now I need to find a fair ASAP. Fried brownies?! That's all I can think about now!

  2. OMG this is making my mouth water! I want a fried snickers right now!

  3. Um....does chevy want to sponsor me? i'll come over!

    though i, too, would NOT be eating fried butter. i'm gagging just thinking of it.

  4. the title of this post is the best thing ever. love it. and i have more to try, clearly!

  5. Do you know why Fletcher's corn dogs are so famous? Carl and Neil Fletcher invented them at the Texas State Fair in 1942!

  6. I LOVE everything about this post!! Can't go wrong with fair food!! :)

  7. I want to try the fried spinach dip! Good land of mercy.

  8. Wow, I have never had any of these friend fair foods! I'm not even sure if they are available here in Indiana. However, the Fried Spinach Dip,Tres Leches, Fried Fireball, Fried Brownie, and Fried Snickers sound interesting!

    My favorite fair food is elephant ears and the lemonade is always delicious.

  9. OMG I need me some fair food ASAP now.

  10. i was supposed to go to the fair last weekend and then plans fell through. seeing that fried brownie makes me super sad i didn't go!!

  11. Aleshea, I want a Fried Fireball NOW! The story behind it was so great- the vendor gave you a little flag to put in it!! You just make friends everywhere you go, don't you? I love that. :)

    Visiting from the Sweet Tea Social!

    Love, Joy @ Yesterfood

  12. oh myyyy, that food looks way too good. my waistline could expand significantly if I were to eat that regularly lol.

    1. Right. Thank goodness this is a once a year thing. But all that walking at Relay for Life this past weekend made up for it.


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