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Aug 1, 2014

Save a horse ride a cowboy: for all the money


Yes, Rustic Couture is my fran today via all the clothes and giveaway. But I get to boss 'em around and tell 'em how I feel. No fashion blogger poses were harmed in the makin' of this review. Ok, maybe a few were

Photos by "Ride or Die" Sherry B. Flores

Y'all know that thing called Texas. That one that get's hotter than I don't know what. The state i'm obsessed with. The state I live in. Yes, that's the one. *pause* I'm know y'all are sayin', "'Leshea- what does that have to do with you tryin' to be a fashion blogger today?" *unpause* I have a point. Promise! I've become obsessed with the state so much that I romanticize about the state's Western Culture of days past. Well, if you go far enough west you don't have to romanticize. But here in Dallas we ain't as oil rich as we once were. Those days are long gone and we local lovers get out kicks the same way Hollywood does. But are accents are much better. Well, for those who have them .

This love for all things Texas causes me to do some strange things. Maybe strange ins't the word. More like random spur of the moment trips/impulse buys/ country music loves etc. I've sorta developed a love affair with "country style". This love affair came in handy when therusticcouture contacted me. They are an online "country boutique". Side note: I can't say boutique to save my life. It really is a shame. Rustic Couture brands themselves as "the feminine side of country" My interest was all peeked so I logged into the website so fast. No seriously. I was sittin' at my computer when I got the message and didn't wanna look tooo eager so I waited a few hours to reply. While I was browsin' the website I was all, "ohh yes to this- ohh yes to that" Y'all everythin' was so dang cute. 

Along with my country style obsession I also have an obsession with tank tops. It's a problem and about the only thing I wear in the summer when I'm not at work. I told y'all it get so dang hot here. For my preference all the tanks on the website are what interested me. Everythin' else is lovely too but the tanks have my heart. Ok, maybe I was tryin' to justify buyin' a pair of boots. Speakin' of everythin' else: they have tops, bottoms, jewelry etc. Really this store is up my alley. I mean come on the ladnin' page of the website has two ladies in a field holdin' a flag. Umm, yes. Those are my favorite kind of pics if my Instgram feed and likes is any indication.

This past Saturday was another impulse day. Last minute a trip to Austin was planned with some of the boys. I wore this outfit pictured above. I'mma toot my own horn and talk about how cute I look. This top was so comfy and kept me so cool in that heat. We spent most of the day outside enjoyin' the Western part of Texas and eatin' all the Texas BBQ.

Now that y'all love Rustic Couture as much as I do go get ya some via this giveaway.
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  1. I know you don't have this problem, but that breezy style of tank is perfect for hiding any mommy pooch! I love them for that reason, plus the cute patterns!

  2. After looking at all the items, I am confused. I never thought of myself as liking western style before, but I like all the things... :-)

  3. I saw the shirt you had on and thought .. that is a nice shirt.. like really cute!... then I scrolled down your post as I was reading and BAM ... there is a giveaway!

  4. Tank tops are my favorite too!!

  5. I really like the tank top that you are wearing :)
    Blonde with a Chanse

    1. Thank you. I also love the flag tank they have.

  6. I want the gift card!!! Give me the shirt too!!! Why do you have to be so skinny where I can't raid your closet!!!

  7. The step it up coral dress is pretty cute!


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