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Jul 1, 2015

...But you can't take the Texas outta the girl.

She flaunts in with her big city money clip... It's ok, I tell myself. They don't know the song anyway. They.. they... my readers. I have to gather and remind myself. It's been so long I'd forgotten who they was intended to be. 
We pull in front of her Parents house. The weddin' long over. She looks over at me, her day to night eye effect smudged from the Texas Southern Humidity. I wait as she rushes in the house. The smell of Whataburger fills my lungs as the discarded trash lay near my feet in my Momma's car. I mentally wondered if they celebrated as hard up that way. Were weddin's as sacred. Were friendship as vast and life-long. Was her new life in D.C as vastly different as I'd imagined it to be all this time.
She rushes back out with a ziplock bag exclaimin' she made it but didn't wanna pay to ship the contents. I chuckle as I know this to be true. She always was like her Daddy. Even in the Texas night I can see the light fade from her eyes as she hugs me goodbye. I pull from her front door, down the familiar street I'd known most my life. 
I bust through my front door. Not able to pull my heels that betrayed me off fast enough. I set the ziplock back on my kitchen counter and pause. I inspects the contents and then chuckle to myself. Homemade preserves. And then it is then it doesn't matter to me to vast difference cause, "You can take the girl outta Texas but you can't take the Texas outta the girl. 


  1. Love, love Texas. No place is better.

  2. Everything is BETTER in Texas ....coming from another Texas girl :)

  3. Lol, that is so true. I use that saying for "country" - it sticks with you, you can't deny it, especially when you love it. Homemade preserves are so delicious, so Texas & so country =)

  4. Beautiful post. I love your imagery. There is something so romantic about the south. <3


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