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Mar 8, 2013

Google Hates The Liebster Award

First let me just say that Google makes me sick. Not only do they spy on your searches, they then use that info to spam your email. This is not ok. I don't care if I am looking for a new car and thinking about buying Ford. 
 Anyways on to this nonsense. 
So I was nominated for some Liebster award and I shall do the post because it's been almost a week of me not posting and I have NOTHING else to post about. (check back later today or Monday when I tell more funny stories of my kiddos) I heard about it a few weeks back and thought it said Liberal Award. I was like, "why would you give an award for that nonsense. Them Liberals they ain't to bright" HA! Apparently it's an award for being an awesome blogger but having no followers cause you ain't done it that long. That or you just don't have 11 people to tag who meet the criteria. So as we do this post let's pretend I'm the black Miranda Lambert looking un-amused at an award show drinking a Randa Rita. J/K I'm the black patsy but instead of being a crazy dance mom I 'll just yell, "more butter more butter" while pretending Si is my Uncle. Naw, instead I'll yell, I'm not black I'm Cajun. (Ride or die where you at) crickets. Ok moving on. (If you followed that convo and know the shows than we can be besties)


1. Link back to the person who nominated you
2. Write 11 facts about yourself once nominated
3. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you
4. Nominate 11 blogs with 200 or less followers
5. Create 11 Questions for those bloggers to answer

11 Questions:

1. Favorite Holiday? That's a hard one. I love them all. I mean come on Jesus is so legit for dying on the cross, giving us crawfish after the service and then letting us have presents on HIS Birfday. Wait, that ain't an answer. I do love March 2nd. Texas Forever Y'all. Ohh, Black Friday is nice. I also like Opening day and the first Kick-off when the Cowboys play. But seriously I love all them holidays except Halloween.

2. Least favorite chore? Didn't I tell y'all I hate laundry. When I get to heaven I'm gonna have a talk with Ms. Eve. It's all her fault I tell ya.

3. Favorite book or series? I recently read The Hunger Games and thought it was ok. It felt like a "dumber"  version of 1984 and Catch 22. But I don't really read series. Just individual books by authors I like.

4. Online shopping or head to the store? Depends. What the sales look like? Is it hot outside? Will there be sweet tea?

5. Dream car? I just want A CAR. If your new then you don't know that I wrekced my car and am now car-less. I should be getting a new one this weekend. I would love a Jeep but Lord knows that ain't gonna happen. So now I'm looking at Ford. And no I don't wanna hear your biased opinions.

6.What's in a name, reason behind your blog name. Addin' a little Glitz to your grits is an old Southern saying heard in the kitchen. When I started this blog I thought I just wanted to post about the food I cook and thus Glitz & Grits with the previous mentioned tagline.

7. What's your go-to snack? Sweet Tea. Always take the sweet tea.

8. If you could pick one celebrity to be your BFF, who would it be? My hormonal 15 yr old self is dying to say Shane West. If it was still 2002 I would make some side comment about how he's from Louisiana and I knew him before A Walk to Remember. My less adult 25 year old self would probably have to say Chase Landry. Wait, does he even count? But seriously, I love Alana from Honey Boo Boo. I don't care that she's a child and don't really count cause her mom is just exploiting her.

9. Most loved piece of clothing/shoes/accessories. Ever single pair of Sperry's I own. All twenty something pairs of them.

10. Favorite / Most visited store? Well, I spend a lot of time at Walmart but I can't say it's my favorite. Anywhere that sells sweet tea? Hmm, I really love J.Crew & Banana Republic.

11.What are you looking forward to this year? LIFE! Yep, that's what I'm most looking forward to. I ain't no planner and try and live in the moment. (Well, that was a poorly written sentence now wasn't it? Just like the latter one.)

So now I have to pick 11 heathens! Here are my picks and to bad if you have already been nominated.
Beth @ Shuginboots
S @

Ok, that's all cause I don't have anymore who qualify.

Oh and this lovely gal nominated me. Y'all go give her a follow. Oops, I don't even follow her. FAIL! Pause.... Ok, all better. I now follow her. 

1 Favorite word
2 Favorite drink
3 Favorite color
4 Life Motto
5 Hero
6 Favorite song
7 Give me seven random facts about yourself
8 Why'd you start your blog
9 Life goal
10 Favorite food
11 What's the weather like where you are

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