Life of Ms. Aleshea {Week 5} |

Mar 29, 2013

Life of Ms. Aleshea {Week 5}

*Waves to all my new followers*
How nice of you to join us. Let me just tell you now: I am a sweet tea (yes, I'm drinking Green Tea while typing this) , music and Texas snob. Don't like it then tough titty. It is NEVER ok to "Bless My Heart", take away my sweet tea or tell me "Oh Hello No" unless I say otherwise. Got it?! Good?

So for all the newbies, this is Life of Ms. Aleshea. In the morning I work at a swanky law firm in the riches part of Texas and in the afternoons I work across the railroad tracks in the ghetto at an after-school program for a local school district. And on a few days throughout the week I work in the nursery at my church. I love to chronicle the nonsense the kids in my life say.

During homework time
K: How they gonna call this a non fiction book? These aliens don't come to earth.
D: Ms. Aleshea can you see without your glasses?
Me: No
D: Let me reach deep into my spine *covers and closes eyes* Ms. Aleshea you lying
Me: No ma'am
D: How many *hold up two fingers*
Me: Three
T: Miss can I read my chapter
J: Girl, I got a better chapter than you.
K: Girl, me too
T: Y'all wanna know why I like this book? Cause his Step-dad pushed him out of the car and he got randed over.
Me:* Shakes head and walks off*
At Recess
D: Come on twin sister let's beat the homies.
(I'm always wearing different colored socks. The other day D realized that we had on almost the same socks. She was so excited and now calls me twin sister instead of Ms. Aleshea. It was annoying at first but now she makes it her mission to help out so I'm cool with it.)

During Basketball practice (I coach the team and yes we won our first game)
Dem: My threes so sexy. Look at 'em Ms. Aleshea. I'm gonna blow kisses at all the pretty girls.
Me: You really gotta untie your shoes to take 'em off
I: Yeah and when I'm done I gotta take a shit

During snack time
(On certain days we have kids who come just for tutoring. On the days they are not in the program they still come and try and get snack.)
M: So you not gonna give me a snack?
Me: No
M: *Randomly after I told him if he had to wear a shirt that said he got swag he probably didn't have any*
 I an't no transgender.
Me: Boy hush. You don't even know what that means.
M: Yes I do. A boy be a girl and a girl be a boy. I can't explain it cause there are to many little kids around. My Ma make me watch TLC. Now can I have a snack?
K: Ms. Aleshea, I'm slappin' my tongue with the cheese
*twenty mintues later tries to get an extra snack*
K: Ms. Aleshea, I ain't get no snack
Me: Yes, you did. Remember you were slappin your tonguw with it.
k: *Blushes and runs off.

Thrift Shop by Macklemore on Grooveshark
In honor of my kiddos since they have been singing this ALL week

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  1. Holy cow, how do you keep a straight face?

  2. Sounds fun my school is exactly like that


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