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Mar 21, 2013

SPD: Lip Balm

So before we get started I know that I have failed royal at posting on a regular basis. And the only thing I can say to make up for the FAIL is excuses. I know all the nonsense you could say about excuses but I'm gonna give mine anyway and y'all will just have to deal. Hell, it's my blog anyway. Quick reminder that I have not given permission to, "Bless My Heart", take away my sweet tea or tell me, "Oh Hell No"

So, y'all already know that most of last week I was in the middle of the woods and that's why I didn't post really anything last week. Also, my bestie (remember how I said I had six bestfrans. Well, this girl would count as numero uno) was in town and I NEVER get to see her cause she lives six hours away. Monday morning I planned on doing a catch all post were I update y'all on the last like two weeks of my life and post pictures of my new car. Obviously that didn't happen cause my computer was actin' a hot mess Monday morning. Monday night I was determined to post while I watched the final of The Biggest Loser. That was interrupted when one of my good friends called me. I haven't seen him in a few years and we normally only keep in contact via FB. Being in the Navy and living on a ship out in the middle of the Mediterrian for the last few years kind of made it hard to stay in contact on a regular basis. Well, last month he chose not to re-enlist and now he is stateside for GOOD. (YAY!) Wednesday I was like, "That's it! I will post on my break. (Remember I leave the swanky law firm and then have about a decent lunch break before I have to go to the after school program) Well, I got a phone call as I was driving asking if I could come into the school early because it was on lock-down. There is a man/men running around and raping women. They don't know how many there are because every woman has described someone different. They believe it is a group of men and they are targeting a certain section of Dallas where there are quite a few schools. That section also happens to be where I am most of the day and were many of our schools are in the school district I work for. There was another rape yesterday. (One of the third grade teachers at the school lives a few houses down from the last rape and she was freaking out yesterday when all the staff got an email saying the man they captured WAS NOT a DNA match.) I was asked to come in and help make phone calls to parents. Y'all they wouldn't even let me walk to my car alone when it was time to go. So that brings me today and this post. I promise to post all the stuff y'all have missed but I'm not making any promises on when it will be. I'll try this weekend since I'm sure my Friday and Saturday are gonna be low key.

Y'all know I love me a good Pinterest link-up. I have seen all these tutorials on Pinterest for making your own beauty products and I have always wanted to try some but never had the motivation. If it's a craft project or recipe I'm there in a heartbeat. Well, last week at the Girl Scout camp we did this with the girls. (if y'all are confused then I suggest you click the pretty pink link that says in the middle of the woods ) The girls loved this so much that I decided it would be fun to do with our girls in the afterschool program. Thank Jesus for this activity. I planned on doing the activity on Tuesday with the girls during the normal time we have Girl Scouts. Well, when I got to the school and was told we were on lock-down and no one could go in or out of the building I knew there would be no recess for the kids. Y'all, they were already antsy cause they didn't get to go outside during the school day. This was perfect because we were able to split the girls and boys up during our recess time and we made these. The girls had so much and it took up ALL the time. They are not hard to make and do not take a long time but it did for us because there were so many girls. Heck, some of them were even trying to eat the lip balm. HAHA! The kids also loved that we made them in Easter Eggs. They were all going home and telling their parents that it was like the "EOS lip chap Ms. Aleshea wears."
Anyways, on to the tutorial.

Popsicle Stick
Crystal Light/ Kool- Aide

1. Put some Vaseline in the container you are making this in
2. Sprinkle about 1/4 a teaspoon of Crystal Light/ Kool-Aid on top.
3. Stir baby stir .
4. Add a drop of honey and two drops of water and stir baby stir
The more you make the more honey, water and flavoring you will need. 
Ain't it purdy. Don't forget to put it in the freezer for a few hours so it will harden. 
The Vaseline will keep it from hardening fully but it will harden enough after a few hours. 
Y'all enjoy. Also, I see many of y'all have started following me with Bloglovin and I LOVE it but if y'all could do me a favor it would be great. Sometimes I don't always get the emails saying y'all followed me. And when I got to Bloglovin I can only see the last so many people who followed me. After you follow me if you could shoot me an email or better yet leave a comment on the blog then I can know you followed me and go check your blogs out. I also REALLY wanted to start a food/recipe link-up. If anyone knows how to do these link-ups or wants to  do it with me: LEGOO!



  1. Um, I totally want to make one of these. Like, today!

    You are too crafty girl!

  2. This is an awesome tutorial. Sounds fun for a girls night project! Came over from Her & Nicole, happy hopping. I'm at httP//rxfitnesslady.com, hope to chat soon. Nice to find you;.

  3. My daughter and I will be trying this. Thanks for sharing. Great blog.


  4. I am always in need of a good lip gloss! I can't believe I can make it myself now...thanks for the DIY tip, and please be careful out there. People are so crazy these days. I'm visiting via 'A lovely blog hop!'

  5. Girl, stay safe. And Thank Goodness for all you people trying to keep everyone else safe - the kids, the teachers, each other... I hope this ends quickly.

    Love the lip balm and you have been missed. Have I seen a pic of your new car? Maybe I need to go back and review... :) Welcome Back!

  6. 'Leshea...you know I've been making actual balms, salves, and the like for most of my life, right? And not this put-kool-aid-in-vaseline stuff either lol. Remind me to teach one day...add it to the list right after beer bottle lamps and chicken and dumplings ;-)


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