Life of Ms. Aleshea {Week 3}/ Some Friday lettering. |

Mar 8, 2013

Life of Ms. Aleshea {Week 3}/ Some Friday lettering.

Song of the day in honor of my kiddos: " I'm different yeah I'm different"

If you don't know how this works then go here, here, here, here and here.
I've decided to start adding the things my kiddos say at church too since they are just as funny as the poor kids.

Kids at church

Z: I'm bout to be bapmatized in May.
A: He goes like this in the name of Jesus. *Starts demonstrating the pastor and pretends to fall on the ground*

A: No, I have to listen to her cause I'm 'bout to be five.

Kids at wok

D: I tried to get you to read this to me but you weren't listening. You so hard headed. (Same boy who always wants help on his essays)

Other D: "My shit be on point... Oops my stuff be on point"
Me: "Don't you know any other words?"
Other D: Long pause.... "No!"

A: "Ms. Aleshea, D says she's God. Is she God?
Me: *After I finishing laughing* Does she look like God?

C: "Ms. Aleshea, Ms. Aleshea, C! was doing this to A. (Starts thrusting in the air like he is humping a girl)
C!: Runs over to me and starts yellin, " no no no I wasn't"
C: Yes you were. Stop being nasty before you go to jail.

After a teacher quit cause some kid stole her two dollars:

K: "Ms. Aleshea it was only two dollars. Is that all the money she had?
Me: "Yes, that was her last two dollars"
K: Starts laughing like crazy and goes, "Dang, she poor. I bet I get more money than her. I get 30 dollars a month taking out peoples trash. How much y'all make in a day again?"

Me: Hey, J, I thought you said you was getting braces
J: "Man. Ms. Aleshea, Medicaid be trippin'
Me: Oh really.

Dear Kiddos: Thanks for making my life each and every day with the outlandish things you say. Y'all don't know how much I enjoy your nonsense.

Dear Car Hunting: Please go smoothly tomorrow.

Dear Y'all: HA! I guess I'm back. To bad I didn't bring a rich husband who lavishes me with Sweet Tea.



  1. Got my fingers crossed for you on your car hunt tomorrow! :)

  2. Just dropping by from FIND & FOLLOW FRIDAY!


  3. This was hilarious. The Medicaid be trippin one was my favorite hahaha. Hope car hunting went well! :)

  4. I see I have found someone who loves sweet tea as much as I do! Gotta have the sweet tea! lol
    Kids are a hoot, you never know what they are going to say! So glad I found you through the blog hop!
    Hated on the Playground

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