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Jun 3, 2013

I was in Kashmir last weekend. Went to visit one of my sweaters.

So it's been forever since I linked up with Sami and told y'all all about my weekend. Consider this post just that. 

I spent Saturday afternoon at Serenity Stables and Rescue Farms helping a Girl Scout on her Gold Award project. The lady who owns the farm teaches at the H.S. I never had her as a teacher but she is the nicest lady ever. She has cancer and since hasn't been able to take care of her farm. It's bad y'all. We went there with the intention of just making Chicken Nester but there was so much to be done that we just helped out  where we could. I mostly helped clean horses and made a new shelter for the chickens. Apparently I was one of the only was who was small enough to fit in the bottom and hammer nails. But we probably spent more time fishin' crayfish (baby crawfish) and feedin' them to the chickens. 

Saturday night I spent a short time in Uptown for "Ride or Ride's" Birfday. To bad I kept getting sick and had to leave early.

I spent Sunday like I do every Sunday: In the Church Nursery. Y'all I was teachin' the lesson and one of my three year olds goes, "Why he naked?" The lesson was over after that cause none of the kids could focus and couldn't  stop askin' crazy questions.

One of my Godbrothers son's was dedicated to the Good Lord. I wish I could have gotten pics but it's kind of hard when you are standing there with them.

Then I ended the night at Panda Express with the Seester. 
And that was my weekend. How was y'all's?


  1. I use that same coloring book for my Jesus time at school!

  2. lol at the title and the food looks good, my mouth watering!

  3. That was so awesome of you to help that women with her farm... seriously. Awesome.

  4. Why is he naked?? I need to know. :) HAHAHA! Lesson over, huh. HEE HEE!

  5. I would say something about your post, but I'm too busy laughing at the title haha. Hilarious! Looks like a nice weekend!

  6. How nice of you to help at the stables. Looks like something right up my alley! I long to live on a farm someday!!

    So, chickens like baby crawfish?!


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