You put the Fruit Punch in then you stir it all around |

Dec 20, 2013

You put the Fruit Punch in then you stir it all around


Friday, December 20: Quick, we need new drink ideas. Send your favorite holiday drink this way.
Well, look at me tryin' to be all food blogger and take pin worthy pics. No, I'm not braggin' on my photo skills. If you haven't noticed, I don't even dare mess with the functions and that's why you can always see shadows and all that junk in le pictures. By pin worthy I mean up right pics that fit in the box and are more likely to get pinned that way.

Moving right along shall we. This drank right here is one of my favs. It is a must at all of our holiday dinners and parties. This year we didn't have it at Thanksgiving and my feelins' were seriously hurt when I got to my God Mothers house and saw that lemonade was supposed to substitute. Growing up the seester and I would fight over who got to make the drink when we would come.She swore that mine wasn't sweet enough. Don't know how that could be considerin' we made the same thing. As I got older and could do more in the kitchen, and she still couldn't - did I mention we're 5/6 years apart dependin' on the time of year- drink duty was regulated to her. If we got luck and a fancy glass was pulled out for us to drinnk out of then we really thought we was doin' somethin'. Y'all know you couldn't ever tell me nothin' as a kid when I got somethin' in my head or got excited about somethin'. This drink doesn't have alcohol in it but you could surely add some if that's your thing. But don't goin' doin' that if you gonna have kids drinkin' it. I sure as heck ain't gonna be responsible.
Ginger Ale
Fruit Punch
1. Cut the Oranges and Lemons and place them at the bottom of the pitcher. The amount you use will depend on how you want your drink to taste. 
2. Pour three parts Fruit Punch, to three parts 7UP to three parts Ginger Ale. When I say three parts I mean three equal parts depending on how big or small your pitcher is. 
3. Fridge till it's cold and then enjoy at your next holiday function.


  1. We do something similar each year except we use pineapple juice instead of 7UP..I need to try it this way!

  2. Yum! What a fun drink. And your "food blogger" pics turned out great :)

  3. That looks like a fun and pretty drink. Bet it's really yummy too!!!

  4. ahhh. punch is so happy. and yay for adding real fruit :D

  5. This is looking (and sounding!) delicious, Aleshea. I'm a sucker for a good drink recipe around this time of year, and it's always so fun checking out to see what other people make.


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