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Dec 21, 2013

We're in the kitchen, trainin' the next generation.


Saturday, December 21: Only photos. We wanna see what the holiday spirit looks like from your part of the world.
Vision of sugarplums dancin' in my dreams . Hmm, is that how the song/story goes. After the #icemageddon we got a few good days of gorgeous weather. The type of weather people outside of Texas are jealous of and wish they had. Well, that didn't last long and now were back to the cold and wet. Why can't we just stay like Florida. I wouldn't mind half naked people in December if it meant we had warmth year round in Texas. I want my warmth back. I knew I would be sayin' that sooner rather than later. Beucause of all the wonky weather we've had this season, it doesn't really look like Christmas around here. Instead we've had to think outside the box and make our own Christmas. We have deff been making our own Warmth + Love in my house.

This weekend Ruthie graced our presence and we have her till tomorrow. Tomorrow they're openin' the brand new nursery and we decided to contribute to the party the kiddos are havin'. There are a few other church kiddos at the house practin' the Christmas play with my aunt. Ruth is so excited that she helped make all the cupcakes that she won't stop askin' the little boys if she'll see them tomorrow. I don't think she realizes they go to the church as well.

So these pictures are what the holiday spirit looks like in my house at this moment. True to our Southern roots, we're in the kitchen, trainin' the next generation. <!-- end InLinkz script -->


  1. I love it! Reminds me of when I was little and watching my mom cook. I just attempted to make her "famous" sugar cookies and it is funny how many of her tendencies I picked up. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Love love love it! These pictures are too cute. Love those pajamas. Do they come in big girl sizes?


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