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Dec 18, 2013

This.. is... how... we... do it...


Y'all ever look at others holiday traditions and be all, "ohh girl this a hot mess. To bad my Momma raised me betta than that and I can't say it out loud?" *Crickets* Whelp, guess it's just me. Problem is that sometimes I forget my tact and have a problem controllin' my word vomit. I would like to say I'm like Cady but that's isn't the case. Usually I'm all Karen, and sayin' stupid ish like, "If you're from Africa, then why are you white?" Then one of my Gretchen frans will be all, "Oh my God, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white." Ok, I think y'all get the point. So holiday traditions: we gots a few and I'mma 'bout to give ya the skinny on them. Wait, why do people say that phrase?

1) I've mentioned before that my seester was born two days before Christmas because of me. I tell y'all the story tomorrow. After the seester was born my Madre decided she wanted to do somethin' special; thus the ornament collection. Each year my seester gets a new ornament. My Madre would always write on the back of it what year it was. As the seester got older she start pickin' out the ornamets. Hence the random Hannah Montana ornament from a few years back. They arn't hung on the tree anymore but they are still bought.

2) I know some people open their presents on Christmas Eve. For us we would always go to Christmas Eve Service. Y'all know I mentioned that it's my favorite. After service we would come home and be allowed to open one present and then a joint present. We always got a few presents from Santa that we would have to share. They were usually movies and things of that elk. As we started to get older we knew what we were gettin' cause we would make a list. I cam remember opening one present the night before and being upset because it was a jewelry box that I still own. I begged and begged to be allowed to open another Christmas present cause I was so upset that that is what I opened. Of course I wore my Momma down and she caved. And yes the second present wasn't any better. A student gave me some chocolates and I've already opened them and can't stop eatin' them. Didn't even wait till Christmas Eve.

3) As for Christmas day traditions we had one main one: We would wake up early and then comb our hair and brush our teeth. A few years my Parents let us stay in our pj's to open presents but most of the time they didn't and we always got ready for the day before we opened gifts. Talk about torture as a child. Then we didn't play with out toys, we cleaned to house and got read to heady to my God Mother's for Christmas Dinner which is really like a Christmas lunch.

I think my family is just odd. The Christmas tree was always put up the day after Thanksgiving and came down the morning after Christmas. My parents never saw the point in leaving it up longer since Christmas was officially over. Our outdoor lights always came down on New Years afternoon.

Y'all got anything y'all do for the holidays? Link-up and tell me or let me know in the comments? Always: Be love, Give love. Oh and look for the Be Love Give Look project coming to Le Blog in the new year.


  1. Love how every fam always has their own traditions around the holidays! Yours dont sound odd at all!

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  2. Yay! You have the same ornament tradition!

  3. Your family sounds like fun! :) I linked up a guest post that I wrote on my family's holiday traditions.

    1. Thanks for linkin up. Yeah, my family is a mess

  4. Bahahahaha! love the mean girls reference:)


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