It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas; I Think! |

Dec 7, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas; I Think!

Why has it been in the upwards of the low 80's for the past two weeks? Only in Texas.

All the sweet tea to whoever knows the song I listened to while writing this: "Thank God for the county lines that welcome you back in when you were dyin' to get out"

So this is my first non introductory/recipe post. How does this work exactly? I guess I just post about my life, while at the same time assuming I'm more interesting than I am and y'all actually give a hoot about what I do outside of the kitchen.

Well here we go y'all!

So I live in one of those quaint Texas towns that people love to hate. I joke that we are a true Water Tower/ Jesus Town. (Two of my favorite songs by Scotty McCreery and Nicolle Galyon respectively) Seriously, we were referenced in an episode of Glee. A few years back the HS tried to do a production of Rent. Y'all can imagine how well that went over in this Jesus Town. And yes, that teacher is no longer teaching at the HS despite her Broadway connections. I'll just leave it at that. 

This past week there have been so many holiday events around town. You see my Momma is the Service Unit Manager of our town's Girl Scouts (The same as being the president) and they make appearance at most town events. Y'all know I had to capture all the events. 
Finally put up the Tree. Yes, I''m wearing a University of Wisconsin Hoodie. Ask me about it sometime.
I love when I get  to babysit her and she stays the weekend  (She goes to my church)

The Girl Scouts collected cans for the town food bank.
Our town has been expanding over the last couple of years. Guess we're not much of a small town anymore even though we still try. This past weekend they opened the Dallas train to our town. (DART) It was also the town Holiday Lighting where they light up main street. To bad my light pics look awful.
I'll try and take some more to post for y'all.

Everybody and they Mommas was at this event. I ran into one of my friends parents. Her Momma conned me into adopting a child from the Angel Tree. I found a little girl who is oh so precious and a lot like me as a child. Y'all she asked for a Bible. That's my kind of 10 year old. 

Guess that's all I got. Y'all that was more boring than I thought it'd be. (Is that even a proper sentence) Excuse me while I leave tons of unnecessary pictures and video of Ruth at the end of this post to make up for the entirety of it all.


Till next time y'all!



  1. Thanks so much for following! :) I'm a new follower. Are those lyrics from the Carrie Underwood song Hometown or something? I love me some Scotty McCreary and Water Tower Town is my favorite. Little Ruth is such a doll!

    1. :)(: yay and all the sweet tea to you. Thanks for the follow girl. I love Scotty as well. He is just the cutest.


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