Dear Green Bean: |

Feb 22, 2013

Dear Green Bean:

The top pic is from two Christmases ago.

Dear Green Bean: You weren't just a car. You were my baby. Probably the most expensive thing I owned next to my college education. I still remember waking up on that warm spring day freshman year of high school. Daddy came in the house all excited and Momma was catchin' a case cause Daddy let the sales lady talk him into buying you. He was just supposed to be getting quotes and test driving a few cars. I  was so excited when Daddy said, " get dressed and I'll let you drive her." Green Bean I was more excited than the devil on Halloween. I whipped around that parking lot like I was a NASCAR Driver. Then junior year of high school rolled around. Daddy died and you became ALL mine. You had some problems with your battery then but I didn't care cause you were mine. Soon came college and you had to say in DFW cause you were not safe enough to make the journeys to East Texas but that was still ok cause you were ALL mine.  College came and went. You had LOTS of problems between 2010-2013. Some my fault and other because you were a cheap ol' thing. Spring of 2012 rolled around and you turned 10. I was beyond excited for you and we celebrated by tearin' up some back roads behind my house. That big ol' Jeep crashin' into you Spring of 2013 is what finally did you in. I will miss you ol' friend. I cried when I had to come say goodbye and clean you out. Just thinking of all the fun times and memories shared with family in friends. The man at the collision center thought I was crazy when I asked for the original key back and gave him the spare. I wanted something to remember you by. Plus that was originally Daddy's key and it wasn't about to follow you to the chop shop.You were the best first car ever. You can never be replaced but just know that when  I buy your sister it WILL NOT be another KIA!

I love you Green Bean and I shall miss you dearly. HA, especially since you were paid off and cost me nothing. Not even gas or insurance (thanks Momma)

So, as y'all can see Green Bean is no more. She's at the collision center now, waiting to be chopped to a million bits. I can't really afford a new car but I have no choice. I was trying to wait until summer but circumstances had forced me to starts making arraments months earlier. I turn in the rental car tomorrow morning and then I will be car-less. (Gah, I feel like an Obama reject who wasn't promised the handouts they voted for.)

I really want a Jeep Wrangler.  I have for a while. I can just see myself down a back road near my house, Ashton Shepherd cranked up, windows down and jammin' out. Lord knows I can't afford a Wrangler and the gas makes it not practical for me. It barely gets 20 miles to the gallon. Gas is almost 4 dollars here and on a good day I drive upwards of 100 miles and some days more if I have to pick up the seester or go to church etc. 
I really LOVE the Jeep Patriot and might be able to swing that if I budget right. It is almost 16,000. But I still fell like I'm doing to much with that car. I just really want a Jeep y'all..The other day I did a search for the cheapest cars of 2013 and here are a few possibilities. 

2013 Nissan Versa


2013 Nissan Versa S – $11,990

2013 Ford Fiesta S

 2013 Ford Fiesta S – $13,200

2013 Ford Focus S


2013 Ford Focus S – $16,200

My family has never owned anything Ford but I hear great things. Most of my friends are Ford people and they swear by them. My Momma has had many a Nissan over the year and loves them. I have driven her Nissan and just don't like the way it feels when I drive it. I'm small y'all. Barely 5 ft 3 and that means I have to sit as close to the steering wheel as possible. Momma really wants me to get the Nissan pictured above. It's a great price for me and she likes it.I really liked the Hyundai the rental agency gave me. It is a 2013 and I have NEVER driven anything that nice. Y'all don't know how confused I was with all the bells and whistles the car had. But after gassing that car up the past two weeks there is NO WAY! That little baby is a gas guzzler and that was a huge turn off. I just don't know. This is a big purchase and the decision can't be rushed. But I also don't have much time. I NEED a car. As soon as the insurance sends that check I am a headed shoppin'!

Y'all help! What are some cars or brands I should look at.... I have been trying to stay under $15,000 but depending on the car I might make an exception since the insurance gave me a little more than I thought they would. But I deff know I will not go over $20,000. I can make a few scrafices each month so I can afford the monthly note but I refuse to give up my sweet tea runs. What good is a car if I can't afford to have an open cup of sweet tea in the console. 

I also want the car to be Green so I can call it Green Bean Junior. But really it's blazin' hot in Texas. Dark cars are a no no in the Texas summer and light cars get dirty to quick when that Texas Red Dirt hit's it. That is the real reason I would like to stick with a green car. 

So anyways. 

Goodness y'all, who knew keeping a blog could be so therapeutic. Rather y'all read or not I get to get things off my chest. Thanks blogger.


  1. Have you thought of looking into a 2010ish used car? You can usually get a lot nicer of a car if it's a few years older. I drove a cheap-o (13,000ish) for 5 years and it was a TERRIBLE car! Cheap is sometimes not a good thing! I would say lean towards the Focus because I know it's a dependable car. Yes, it's more, but you get what you pay for!

    Or maybe a Mazda 3?

  2. I am sorry about your loss of the Green Bean :/ Jeep Wrangler is our dream car too, so we settled with a 2011 Jeep Patriot! More affordable!

    Good luck on your new car hunt!

  3. Awww, a very nice tribute to Green Bean and the awesome memories that came with her. I'm glad you kept the original key.

    I bought my first new car in 2010 and I'll never buy new again. Someone hit her a few months after I bought her and broke my heart. So now I'm all about gently used cars. :)

  4. We have always bought gently used as well. The price difference for not that much difference in quality is insane.

    My first car was My Honda Tawanda, and I loved her. She was born in 1987 and got rearended in front of my high school by a dude who was not paying attention when I stopped and followin' too close. :(

    RIP Green Bean


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