Monday's Hot Mess Post {Week 5} |

Feb 4, 2013

Monday's Hot Mess Post {Week 5}

                   Why do I always feel so obligated to update about by weekend and prove I had one...

one. Headed to the outlet listening to Jason Aldean
two. I love the Coach Store
three. Why did that dress need to cost so much. Y'all know them stripes ain't worth that price.
four I expanded my Sperry collection. ( I have a huge obsession. I own like 20 pairs)
five. Panda Express makes my life.
six. When the fortunes from the fortune cookies become so generic

Thoughts on the Superbowl. If y'all hadn't figured out by now, I am a huge sports fans. I'm talkin' huge y'all. (It's all the time I spent with my Daddy growin' up.Remember he worked nights and Momma worked days. And yes I flip out on girls who act like they know what's going on and then decide to have an opinion. Sweetie, you make girls like me who do know what's going on look bad.)  I'm rarely allowed to watch sporting events in public restaurants or bars because I usually cause a scene and I'm worse than the boys. Example: When the Mavs finally won a ring I stood on top of a table in Buffalo Wild Wings screamin' with a bunch of drunk guys.I also did the same thing last season when the Rangers went from a guaranteed play off birth mid season to losing a wild card seed first round against Oreoles. But more importantly Beyonce gave me life and when Destiny's Child came out I lost it. Them Texas girls betta represent. (The moms at work were not to thrilled. Both have teenage boys and you can guess how halftime went in their house. I tried to explain how dance works... My sister was a dancer for years and danced at half time with the Black Eyed Peas when the Super Bowl was in Dallas two years ago.)

I was more excited to see Ray Lewis go out on top. When he screamed after the play clock hit zero I almost started crying. I was jumpin' around the house and actin' a plump fool. Y'all don't even know. Gah, why does September 2013 have to be so far away. At least we can start countin' down baseball season. And gear up for March Madenss ... yada yada yada!

I started updating my blog and I am pretty excited about it. I am no HTML idk. I'm not done but yay for what I have done. Y'all let me know if things are to light and you can't see them. You can on Mighty Mac (My macbook. Yes, I name EVERYTHING) but everyone's computer is different. 



  1. I need more Sperrys. I only have two pairs!

  2. your blog is too cute! love this post -- now following!!

  3. I need to finally buy a pair of Sperrys! New follower via the link up. :)



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