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Feb 1, 2013

I Have a Confession: INSGWTW!

I'm bringing back the musical question of the day. Here we go, all the sweet tea if you know the song: "I'm gonna keep on keep on loving you"

I know y'all love Friday's letters but there will be none of that today. Today I am making a change (No, not the Obama kind. That just leaves you hopeless, unemployed and broke.... Too soon you say?1?! I have no fracks to give ) and linking up with Leslie for Friday's Confessions.
Let me start of by saying y'all know the rules around here. (If you are new then I suggest you get up to speed on them real quick.)Well, today we are going to throw those out the window. For today and today ONLY, you may "Bless My Heart", take away ALL of my sweet tea while tellin' me "Oh Hell No." Remember that this is for today and today only. 
SO... I have a confession... Y'all ready for it...
I am a sham, a fraud, a bad Southern/Texas Girl. How can I claim to be in love with this culture so when I carry around this secret...

I. Aleshea, have never seen Gone With the Wind. I know, I know, I know (this is where you "Bless My Heart" and all those other Southern things y'all pretend you say on the reg when you know you be blog lyin') Now, this is the part where I explain and y'all are patient with me.

So I have this thing where I hate to watch a movie before I read the book. (This is why The help is still sitting in the package on the floor where I opened it on Christmas.Yes, I own Gone with the Wind but it too is still in the package at the foot of my bed. It has been there for over a year) I have been trying to read Gone With the Wind since the 7th grade. I have never gotten past chapter 8 in all my many attempts to read this glorious southern book. Currently I am on chapter 8 AGAIN. I have been for about a year and the book is still sitting in the back of my car next to my GPS(opps, totes shouldn't have said that. Now some cray cray is gonna bust my windows out... Wait, did anyone else just get the Jazamine Sullivan song stuck in their head to. Ok, moving along)

Well, I was tellin' Dougherty about this when she was at my house Sat crafting and she suggested we do something about this. She was like, "why don't we watch the movie and cook Southern food to eat with it." Well, isn't she just a genius. So now we are going to have a Southern themed dinner party and play the movie at the end of the night. We have a few of our friends lined up and I am actually excited about this. The catch is I now have to read the rest of the book so we can do this. But y'all the book is SOOO long. I am only at the part when she went to live with the crazy aunt and her cousin cause her baby daddy died and that boy Ashley or whatevs his name is is gonna marry his cousin. And I think homeboy Mister Rhett just showed up walkin' across the street... 
Ugh.. Maybe I will read some more this weekend While I'm Paula Dean-in it up making Southern Fried Oysters.

HA! Maybe this is just the incentive I needed to finish that dern thing.

I shall leave you with this:

“I wanted to play Scarlett O’hara from the first time I read the book. That was in London when I was appearing in a flop play. I fell in love with the novel and gave the rest of the cast copies of the book as opening night presents. I told them, ‘If I ever go to Hollywood, it will be to play Gone with the Wind.’ They all laughed and said I was crazy.

I got these photos of Tumblr and that's all the credit I can give so there.

Whew, I feel so much better after admitting that. HA, y'all know y'all be lyin' too so it's ok!

Wait, is this how the confessional works? Oh well that's what y'all get. I must work now. Y'all have a safe and fun weekend. Oh and yay, I hit 29 followers and one of my fave bloggers Pearls & Curls started following me. :)(: all the sweet tea to me. 



  1. you must see it!!!!!! especially if you are a fellow texan!

  2. OH girl, ditch the book. I've read it and the "sequel" Scarlett. Seriously, just watch the movie. I dated a Yankee who was all kinds of hung up on this movie (mainly to make fun of Southerns, aka ME) and we watched that freakin' movie over and over. Once is enough. It's as long as the book. :) Enjoy!

  3. I think the only people who have seen Gone with the Wind are Yankees.

    Yep, I haven't seen it either. I have no shame.

    1. Kay, good cause You are totes invited to the Southerned themed party. Just forgot to text you

  4. did you ever finish the book and watch the film?


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