Monday's Hot Mess Post {Week 7} |

Feb 18, 2013

Monday's Hot Mess Post {Week 7}

RIP Mindy McCready girl. Make sure you sing for my Daddy!
The day has only half begun and I'm already depressed. I've been tryin' to file my taxes for days but they keep getting rejected. I finally called the IRS and they are tryin' to say I didn't file last year. I almost lost it on the phone with that lady. Not only DID I file last year but I OWED a TON of money. SO what the heck did the IRS do with the check I sent them last year. It sure was cashed. And then earlier today I called the Collision Center to see about Green Bean since State Farm hasn't called me and Ramone tells me State Farm TOTALED Green Bean. They want the rental back by Friday. State Farm won't answer and I can't get anyone on the line. I have three days to figure something out. Time to start prayin'! y'all. I have NO money for a new car. This is not ok.

Despite all the nonsense mentioned above, the weekend was a pretty nice one. Between Church/Friends/Shopping it was a nice weekend. This weekend was one of my Bestfrans. James, Birfday. We spent friday night at "The Point" (My town is off the lake. One of the boys I grew up with lives in a house off the lake. Some years back his dad built a huge fire pit down by the lake so people could hang out on the weekends.) 

One: "You can see it from the river to the top of White Pine Ride, burning like a summer sun, a bunch of rednecks getting half lit. There's mud-covered trucks and suv's cranking Hank and AC/DC. At the bonfire, out in the sticks, country backwoods, homegrown hicks. Bonfire, dance a little jig, hold up your cup and take another swig, won't go to sleep till dawn, party right down till the wire at the bonfire."
Two: Beautiful
Three: Texas Forever! If you don't know what his shirt is then run a lap and have several seats
Four: Yes, I was wrapped in a blanket at the bonfire. It was colder than Jesus out there. (Doughery is behind me and "Ride or Die" is in front of my. There were TONS of other people but as always I fail to take pics. I didn't even get a pic of or with the Birfday bot. Shame shame.) 
Five: We hooked bluetooth up to the speakers and when this song came on James started singing and acting a fool. He was standing on the ledge of the fire. You see, James has been engaged more than once and this song is SOOO him. He even had one who refused to give back the ring. 

Here's to a better rest of the week.

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  1. That is so sad about Mindy McCready. The father of her 10 mo. old apparently also committed suicide a month before. :(

    Bless your heart in dealin' with the IRS shug. Last year, they thought we owed them an extra $25,000 for "selling antiques", except we never sold any antiques. Thankfully, we got it straightened out pretty easily. Good luck with all that!


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