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Feb 21, 2013

Yo God... it's me, Aleshea! I'm listening!

All the sweet tea to Jesus cause he keeps blessin' me even when I don't deserve it. I know I don't normally get to religious or political on here but I shall today. Check back tomorrow for the funny.

Ever had one of those moments where God just put you back and your place and says, " Girl lay off the sweet tea and chill. I got this. How you gonna tell me how to do me? I'm God and I tell you"? Well, I did last night. God hurt my feelin's but in a good way. By now y'all all know that Green Bean (for the new followers that's my car. Yes, I named her after my favorite vegetable. Cause she's green like a green bean) is no more and the girl is tryin' to sue me. (I'll go into more details in tomorrow's post) I have to give the rental car back tomorrow. I've already cleaned Green Bean out and after tomorrow night I will be without a car. I've been pretty sad all week

So last night I was driving home from the after school program and I really got to thinkin'. Normally I'm listening to one of the local Country Stations but last night all the stations I set on the dash were on commercial except the local Christian Station. All of the sudden "God's Been Good to Me" by Crystal Lewis came on and I was like ouch God.... that hurt!
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
I don't always say the right things
Boy I try
I don't always live
My life the right way
But God is faithful to forgive me
When I fail or fall
I am unworthy of it all
Still He keeps on givin'
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
My God has given me
More than I ever dreamed
A precious family
And friends who care for me
Why should he love me so
Oh, that I'll never know
I am unworthy of it all
Still He keeps on givin' to me
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
God's been good to me
Oh, God's always been good
It would take hours and days at a time
For me to sit down and write down
All the things
He's done
Let me say this that
Its nothing I've done
But its the grace
He gives freely to everyone
Tell everybody
Tell everybody 'bout it
Tell everybody
Everybody 'ought to know
I immediately started singing and was like yeah, I guess he has been good. You see I've never been much of a person who worry's or stresses out. I figure whatever happens happens and ultimately God is in control. There's an old sayin' I love that says, "Give all your worries to God. He'll be up anyway." I'm serious y'all. Plus ain't nobody got time for all that.
Well, this past week I have been stressed and frustrated ... Yes, that's the right word... frustrated. More than anything I have been frustrated. Yesterday was the icing on the cupcake. All I wanted to do was crawl under my covers and veg out on American Idol for the rest of my life. Well, after a few minutes this Jesus Culture song come's on and I'm all "*Sniff, sniff* Amen, Praise baby Jesus " .
Higher than the mountains that I face
Stronger than the power of the graveConstant through the trial and the changeOne thing… Remains [repeat]Your love never fails, never gives up
Never runs out on me [3x]On and on and on and on it goesIt overwhelms and satisfies my soulAnd I never, ever, have to be afraid
One thing remainsIn death, In life, I’m confident andcovered by the power of Your great loveMy debt is paid, there’s nothing that canseparate my heart from Your great love...
By Jesus Culture 
That is when I look up and see a green light but no one is moving because a Firetruck is trying to get through. Next thing I know three guys walk past pushin' a stalled vehicle. By this time I was like, " STAAAAAHP! I'm listentin' I GET it." The point is I've been really blessed in life.Yes, there have been hard times and struggles but he's never NOT provided a way so why should now be any different. Who am I to question God. He is the great I am and how shameful and disrespectful for me to think any less of him. It can always be worse and sometimes I need to be reminded of that.

So, God, I heard you loud and clear. I'm listenin' and I shall tell EVERBODY!

As the song I sing with my three and four year old on Sunday says,
  "I'm in the Lord's Army. Yes sir. I'm in the Lord's Army. Yes sir. I may never march in the infantry.  Ride in the Calvary. Shoot the artillery. I may never zoom over the enemy but I'm in the Lord's Army."

I just wanted to get that out there. Goodness, I feel so much better. Now, I just need to see about getting a new car and to work next week. Y'all check back tomorrow cause I'm gonna post a few car options I'm looking at. Y'all can help me decide.

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  1. i love your posts, you give me life!!!


  2. "How you gone tell me how to do me?" hahaha
    that's exactly right! He gots this! (And errthang else!)

  3. All the sweet tea to Jesus! YES! I loved this post...I just found you through a blog hop/I' m a new follower!



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