Friday's Letter |

Jan 25, 2013

Friday's Letter

"Sadie's Hawkins Dance, in myKaki pants. There is nothing better. Do you like my sweater?" 
Dear Thursday

Dear "Ride or Die"- Thank you for epic phone convos.

Dear Best Friend Numerous Uno and Duos- Thanks for the well wishes

Dear Fashion Bloggers- I envy you. I fail. This is what I call OOYD (Outfit of yesterday)

Dear Postage Meter thing- I made you my ish, Get used to it.  


Dear Paper Clip things- you are going to get me through work on Friday

Dear Me- You made it through the first day


Dear Sushi Lunch- Yum yum

Dear Kiddos- Loved your artwork today

Dear Formatting- What the actual

Dear Y'all- *squee* all the hugs, sweet tea and love to y'all


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