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Jan 24, 2013

I Haz Job!

So I mentioned yesterday that I had a job interview this week. Well ,"I haz the job" and I am excited about it. I'll be working part time in the morning at a law firm. Finally putting that fancy piece of paper the state of Texas and SFASU gave me to good use. I will still work in the afternoons at the after school program. This job has more opportunities and a chance to become full time and move up if I do well yada yada yada.(insert I've already spent my first paycheck.)

I filmed myself before and after the interview because I was excited and wanted to capture everything. I waited to post everything until I knew for sure that I got the job. I know the vid is long (I combined them) so you don't have to watch but I promise that I'm entertaining and high on life ALL the time. 

Shout out to my "Ride or Die" Sherry (what I call her instead of bestfriend) for giving me the info on the job opening. 

What is going on with my hair in this video... it kept bothering me. 


Her blog keeps showing up with people I follow. 
I finally decided to check her out and I love her blog. 
She is hilarious. 



  1. Awesome! Kudos on the new job. I sure hope you marry rich too (wink). New Follower here from The Lovely Blog Hop.

  2. Yay yay yay! Awesome for you! Go Aleshea, go Aleshea...just imagine a chunky white girl doing the Cabbage Patch for you right now...go Aleshea!

  3. Congrats on the new job! I'm following via A lovely blog hop!

  4. OK first off, you are HILARIOUS! haha..alimony isn't an acceptable source of income?! Good to know. Congrats on the new job!

  5. I LOVE THIS POST!!! We'll have to do lunch soon. And often.

    1. Haha cause you know this is so me ALL the time.

  6. Hey Aleshea!! thanks so much for linking up, ma'am! Glad you finally decided to check me out, took you long enough!!! lol.

    hope u have a great weekend!!!

  7. I love all those pictures in the car! I feel like I do the same thing!! Lol

    Glad I stumbled across your blog! Keep up the good work!!

    New follower :)

    The Parlor Girl 


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